Being Charlie TIFF Premiere

It’s been a pretty exciting week in Toronto. The Toronto International Film Festival is running now through September 20th, so there are a ton of events happening around the city and all the celebz are here.


One of my friends/former coworkers works for TIFF every year, and she has been trying to give me tickets to an event for two years now but I have always had something going on. I finally took her up on her offer and on Monday evening another former coworker (also a friend!) and I headed to the premiere of Being Charlie at the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre on Queen East. It premiered on the same night as Johnny Depp’s new film Black Mass, and JD and the rest of the cast were there, so everyone was hoping to catch a glimpse of someone famous and the street was just rammed with people.


I actually didn’t know Johnny Depp was there until afterwards or I probably would have been right in there. I hear he is super weird in RL, so I assume he would be interesting to meet.

My friend Anjalee and I got to the theatre an hour before our movie started and there was already a pretty big lineup for our film. By the time we got into the theatre the only seats left were first and second row. Ah, I feel like this always happens to me. I am pretty used to it by now.

The Winter Garden Theatre is beautiful, by the way. I’ve never been in it before.



It had pretty fall leaves hanging from the ceiling!


I quickly discovered that I was really grateful to be at the very front, because director Rob Reiner and the entire cast were in attendance, and they paraded onto the stage literally 10 feet from us. If that. I could have rushed them! I played it cool though.


Rob Reiner is the director of some seriously amazing movies: This Is Spinal Tap, Stand By Me, The Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally, and Misery, to name just a few. I didn’t even realize Stand By Me! It’s one of my all time faves. When he was standing up there he just seemed like a regular guy. A cool guy for sure, but a regular cool guy.

The lead in Being Charlie is Nick Robinson (as Charlie), aka the lead kid in Jurassic World.


He seemed quiet, but nice – not like I had any actual interaction with him, but that was my impression. But I was the most excited for Cary Elwes, Charlie’s Dad (this really shows my age) in the movie who is running for Governor of California (he did an impression of Arnold Schwarzenegger on stage and it was hysterical).


Oh God, Westley.


It sure was true love for me back when I was 10. So what if he’s 20 years older than me. I need to rewatch The Princess Bride!

Cary continued to win me over in Robin Hood: Men In Tights.


I used to watch that over and over with my friend Melissa. He made eye contact with me when he was on stage and I nearly fangirled right out of my seat.

Anyway, Cary Elwes aside, I loved the movie. Being Charlie is written by Nick Reiner, Rob’s son, and it is essentially based on Nick’s struggle with addiction, rotating in and out of rehabs, and how it affected their family. It was poignant (I hate that word, I feel like I’m trying to seem like I’m more intelligent than I actually am when I use it, but it was), and very well done. But of course, I expect nothing less from the director of Stand By Me and The Princess Bride. And Cary Elwes. Also in attendance were Rob’s son Nick and his best friend and fellow addict at the time.


And Common! I never realized what a sensual creature he is until this night.

Also of note is the daughter from Homeland, Morgan Saylor, on the far right, and Susan Milsner, from nothing I know but I liked her in the movie. And some other important guy in the middle.


The cast watched the movie in the theatre with us, and afterwards came back on stage for a Q+A session. Someone in the audience asked Cary if he would say his famous line in The Princess Bride “As You Wish” and he totally did.


Of course he did.


Ah, it was so good. I am so glad I went. The only premiere I’ve been to where the cast was in attendance, aside from Woman In Black, where I saw Harry Potter in the flesh! It’s a really cool experience and I think I have the TIFF bug now.


6 responses to “Being Charlie TIFF Premiere

  1. This sounds like just the coolest thing! And that theater is a work of art.

    Susan Misner has been in EVERYTHING! If there’s series, she’s guest starred in it–Nashville, NCIS, The Good Wife–and on and on. IMDB-her and I’ll bet you’ll recognize her.

  2. Ha! One of these days when you ask for recommendations on books, I’m going to jump in with TV shows!

  3. Oh Cary. I just love him. Is it EL-Wes or EL-WAYS? If I was there, I would have personally thanked Rob Reiner for WHMS, my favorite movie of ALL TIME. I would then proceed to quote the whole movie to him and I wouldn’t let him leave until I was done.

  4. What a cool experience! Glad you got to be up front for that! And eye contact with Cary…swoon! Lucky girl!