Silent Lake Kayak Exploring

I got a little sidetracked with Evan’s birthday yesterday, but I still have very important (not actually) Labour Day glamping things to talk about.

We woke up on Monday to another gorgeous day, so we decided to take advantage and do some more lake exploring. Not on foot this time (and possibly not any time ever again), but on the water. We headed down to the boat rental area and got us a couple of kayaks for a few hours. Much preferable to hiking around the lake, because in a kayak you don’t have to worry about trekking up hills.


Silent Lake is gorgeous. It is one my favourite lakes in the world, and I am kind of a lake connoisseur so you should trust my opinion on that. I highly recommend camping/yurting in this park, it is a nature enthusiasts dream, and it is just as beautiful as Algonquin (though it is much smaller) and not as far of a drive. And if you do happen to camp/yurt there, I highly recommend you do something out on that amazing lake. It is a MUST. The lake is small enough that you can explore it entirely by canoe or kayak in a few hours, but not so small that it isn’t an adventure. Also, there are no motorboats allowed on the lake, so there are no douchey jetskiers zooming by you and it is a very peaceful experience.


Well, usually. Shortly after leaving the boat launch we came across a forest fire. A couple of hikers (doing the trail we did the day before, the only other brave souls we saw doing it, and we definitely warned them about the bear poop) were trying to put it out with a yogurt container and it wasn’t doing much. So we paddled over with our bail buckets to help them out. The fire somehow started at the base of a tree and was definitely underground as well. It was pretty crazy to see flames shooting up even after all the water we poured on it. We were able to keep it at bay until the rangers came (in a motorboat, I guess it’s allowed in emergencies) and finished the job with larger buckets.


I don’t know what would have happened if no one had seen the fire. The ground was so dry that it probably would have spread really quickly.

After that unexpected detour we were back on the lake.




Silent Lake feeds into another smaller lake called Second Silent Lake, and the two are joined by a narrow passage…



Second Silent Lake was even quieter. Most of the people staying in the park packed up and left on Monday so we were almost the only ones in the park. In Second Silent Lake if you yelled you could hear your echo come back to you.




It’s probably the coolest place I’ve ever canoed/kayaked, mainly because of the narrow passages that wound through the marshes. It was not immediately apparent where you could get through, so you had to kind of find your own way, and exploring the marshy areas was such a unique experience. I really enjoyed myself and it was a highlight of glamping for me.

We kayaked for a few hours, on the way back stopping on a rocky island for a break. The island had a beach, so it was perfect for swimming.



We were the only ones around.

After returning the kayaks we headed back to the yurt for lunch. Bacon cheeseburgers. Ohhhh my God.


So good. I don’t know if it was because we worked up such an appetite with all the kayaking, or just the addition of the bacon, or if it’s because food tastes better when you’re camping! But man, I felt like I could eat that every day.

After lunch we headed back down to the beach to do more swimming.


It wasn’t busy at all, but we still found a more private rock down the shore a bit so we could lay around and read our books in peace.



We stayed until the early evening, and then headed back to our site for dinner (rigatoni with meat sauce that we had brought from home). After dinner we played bocce ball, cards, and had one last campfire.


Once it got dark we headed down to the beach one last time to look at the stars. It wasn’t quite as clear as Saturday night but it was still pretty cool, and no one else was there so it was very quiet. Evan has the Skyview app for stargazing, which I highly recommend if you are interested in the constellations, it’s really cool and it’s free!

So that’s pretty much it. I have say, it was the perfect camping experience. We were able to do so much, we didn’t have one drop of rain, it wasn’t nearly as hot or humid as it was in the city, but it was still warm enough that neither of us ever needed a sweater, or even pants! And I got like one mosquito bite the entire weekend. It could not have been any better.

Bye yurt!



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  1. Silent lake looks amazing! I would love to kayak there…it looks so peaceful.