33 Additional Reasons Why Evan is the Best Ever

Happy Birthday to the amazingly cheeky Evan, who is turning the big 33 today!


If you’ve followed my blog for a while you may remember me posting 31 Reasons Why Evan is the Best Ever and also a 32 MORE Reasons Why Evan is the Best Ever on Evan’s birthday the last two years, so I thought I would keep up tradition.

It’s interesting because I feel like it is almost more socially acceptable to be negative about your spouse and to complain about them than it is to rave on about how amazing they are. But you will never convince me that more positivity is a bad thing. I personally love hearing about how awesome other peoples’ lovers are, and Evan truly is amazing. He deserves a blog post dedicated to his amazingness at least once a year. At least!

Also, this means I have done 96 reasons in total why Evan is the best ever and you’d think it would be difficult to come up with that many, but it wasn’t at all! I will try not to repeat the ones from the last two posts.

Here we go! In no particular order…

33 Additional Reasons Why Evan is the Best Ever

33  Every morning before we get up we read together in bed for half an hour while we drink our coffee (like separate books, we’re not THAT cheesy). It is my favourite part of my morning routine.

32  He gutted and then rebuilt our entire kitchen. With his bare hands.









31  He cooks very often in the kitchen that he built with his bare hands, and he looks hot doing it. Even while wearing a ridiculous apron.

I sure do love a man who cooks…in luau attire.

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I also like that we make dinner together whenever we can.

30  In said kitchen, he built me a custom wine rack to hold my box of wine.


Because it’s very important you have a spot for your box of wine.

29  I was incredibly busy at work and also really stressed out about it back in January. I was rarely home before 8pm. Every night I came home late, Evan would have dinner waiting for me on the table. I appreciated this so much. We were also doing the Whole30 at the time, which means we had to be more creative with our meals and they could take longer to prepare.



I would not have been able to do it without him.

28  Evan pretty much lives to help people, and continually goes out of his way to do this however he can, especially with people in our condo building. helping other people seriously recharges him!

27  He was a total saviour when it came to our friends Emily and Corey’s wedding. Our friends filmed a video for Em and Cork that I was editing to show at the wedding, and it was taking a long time and I was on a deadline and starting to get frustrated with it. Evan totally swooped in and smoothed it over and fixed things that I hadn’t noticed and did the little frustrating things like making sure the audio in the video was consistent. It sounds silly but I was so thankful for this. And I love that he is technically inclined and is better with multimedia than I am. On the day of the wedding, Evan acted as the runner all day while the bridal party was getting ready. Anything Emily or Corey needed, Evan was all over it, running all the last minute errands. And not because anyone asked him, because he wanted to. I know it was really appreciated.


26  When the power was out in our building and I had to leave for work, Evan didn’t want me to have to walk down the pitch black stairwell and into the equally dark parking garage alone, so he quickly got dressed and escorted me with a flashlight.


25  When my friend Sherrie was going in for her knee surgery, Evan texted her to tell her good luck. I was even more touched because it’s not something I asked him to do or even really mentioned to him at all. He just knew she would appreciate it.

24  He is incredibly supportive of my decisions. I mentioned in a previous Evan is the best ever post that I trust him so fully that I believe anything he does will work out, and I know that he truly feels the same about me. I left my job in June because I was very unhappy there and I didn’t immediately have another job lined up. When I brought it up to Evan, his words were “You need to leave. So what if we don’t save as much money as we wanted to this year, it’s more important that you’re happy in your job.” I was so grateful he was supportive about it.

23  If my dad needs help putting up a light in his kitchen, Evan is there, and he’s bringing his brother along to help.


22  My mom really enjoys collecting rocks. Evan knows this, and when we were visiting her he went out of his way to find cool rocks for her. When I mentioned to my mom that I was doing this post she said “Make sure you tell them about the rocks he found for me!”

21  Watching Evan with his new baby nephew. Seeing him with a baby that he loves so much is a whole other side to him I haven’t yet experienced. It melts my heart.

20  He is incredibly handy and it somehow even translates to boat motors. When he couldn’t get those boat motors running he took the motors apart, took out the pieces that were broken, replaced them, and rebuilt the motors until he could get it going. His patience and dedication is incredible.




It was so impressive!

19  Winnie is turning 22 this fall, and as such she is not as spry as she used to be. She loves to be up on our bed, but she is having trouble getting down now because jumping to the floor is tough on her little legs.


So, Evan made her a step.


He found a storage crate at Home Depot and then he customized it by adding a cushion on the lid that he made with padding and fabric that he found at Fabricland (stapled to the underside of the wood).


Winnie loves it, and I love the fabric that he chose.

18  He still cleans and he still loves to vacuum. When the power went out at the cottage this summer his first thought was “How am I going to vacuum tomorrow before we leave if the power is out?” This made me laugh.

17  When we were at the hunting camp with Dawn, Mark, Emily and Corey in the spring, we were playing BINGO and we discovered that Evan was cheating. He was calling the numbers but rigging it so that his numbers were the ones being called. When we discovered this Emily and I were SHOCKED. It was hilarious, but I was absolutely blown away. It was so out of character for him that I could not get over it. When we asked him why he cheated he said he just wanted “a cheap thrill.” We were dying and it still makes me laugh when I think about it. (I should note that he purposely let himself be caught cheating by us, he did it so we would discover him and think it was funny.)

16  He can come across as kind of shy at first, so his hilarity is always a surprise to people because it’s unexpected. He’ll be quiet but then he’ll bust out with some fantastic one-liner. I love watching people’s reactions to it!

15  I continue to love his descriptions for things. He was describing a dog that lives in our building and he said “It’s the one that looks like it was shot out of a cannon,” which so perfectly describes how the dog looks that I could not stop laughing. Another time he was talking about some ridiculous thing he saw and he said “Man, they must have been smoking coconuts when they came up with that!”

14  It is amazing that he loves to eat and he is just as food-oriented as I am. Happy or Hungry Eats the World was actually his idea!

13  He’s confident and comfortable in his own skin.



12  When we got back from camping last summer, I put all of our stuff in the washing machine, turned it on, and it immediately broke. Everything we had with us smelled like a bon fire, so this was not ideal. I was like “Welp, I guess we’re going to the laundromat,” but somehow he had the machine fixed in 10 minutes.

11 He is always up for anything. Whether it is going to a demolition derby, or hiking a 15k trail, or squeezing into a tight cave. He loves adventure and needs very little convincing.


10  He is unbelievably attentive, to me, but also with everything. I have never before experienced anyone who is more in tune with my needs, my moods, my emotions, my facial expressions, my tone of voice. It’s nuts.

9  He has a bit of a hilarious sass face, and when I look back at photos I can tell that it’s always been there.




8  When my single friends hang out with him for any length of time they will say “I need to find myself an Evan!”

7  I once walked in on him trying to teach himself how to play my favourite Jack Johnson song on the guitar. I nearly melted.

6  He is always so flabbergasted when I tell him how lucky I am to have him. Like he genuinely thinks he is the lucky one!

5  He didn’t fart in front of me once until we were together for an entire year. I still don’t understand how that is possible.

4  His level of enthusiasm for things makes me enjoy them more.


Like his love for footlong hotdogs.

3  He is a true partner in life and not a day goes by that I don’t think about how fortunate I am to have him.

2  He makes me so ridiculously happy I feel like it should be illegal. I feel almost guilty for how happy he makes me.

1  He still offers me the last piece, the biggest piece, or the best piece of whatever we’re eating. That is love right there.

So a big happy birthday to my favourite lover Evan! You are the BEST. EVER.


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If you want to chime in with a reason your lover is also amazing I am all for it! I love hearing nice stories!


22 responses to “33 Additional Reasons Why Evan is the Best Ever

  1. You’ve definitely found yourself a keeper there! Happy birthday, Evan!

  2. Wow, he really is the best ever! Happy Birthday Evan!
    Dying at the dog shot out of the cannon comment. That is really funny.

  3. your relationship is my favorite ever <3 he is such a sweet man!

  4. I’m married and I’d still take an Evan! I’ll just have an Evan and a Fabian. Seems fair.

  5. Happy Birthday Evan! I hope you know there are men everywhere cringing at all the amazing items on these lists! You are a true renaissance man and I am so glad you and Lindsey found each other. I hope your birthday brings with it lots of fun, love and cake!

    Lindsey, I love this post and I love the love you have for Evan! Evan is a true gem and I am so, so happy you found each other. I have followed your blog a long time and feel like I have been there through a lot of ups and downs…I am just so happy that you and Evan found each other. He is just as lucky as you are..you are a perfect match! I cannot tell you how much you both make me smile.

    I think it is so special that you make these lists each year on his birthday. It is so easy for people to bring up negative things the longer they are with someone..little nuances that may seem annoying. I think everyone should do this so we can remind ourselves of all the wonderful things about our partners that sometimes get forgotten. I need to do this!

    Also, I cried at how sweet the crate with the cushion is for Winnie. Speechless.

    • Aw, thank you so much!
      And exactly, that is part of why I do this, so I can focus on the positive if Evan is ever annoying me (because obviously he does!).
      So funny that everyone is crying at the Winnie crate. This comment brought a tear to my eye, thank you!

  6. I am not quite sure why Evan’s head is in my birdcage, however I most certainly agree, he is one nice guy! Best Wishes!

  7. Love love love! This is so great. Happy birthday to your Evan!

  8. Ah, man, #19 made me cry. Go Evan.

  9. Omigosh I was so happy to read this post today!! It makes me smile so much that this is the 3rd time I am reading your “reasons” list and marveling at what a wonderful guy you found. Each list I shed a little tear (sorry if that sounds totally nuts since we do not “know” each other) and this time it was the cat stool that totally got me!!!! You guys are the best and it made my day reading this lovely post 🙂

  10. Happy birthday to Evan! He sounds like a totally awesome guy! My Evan is my 11 1/2 yr old son. The attitude/sass level is VERY high right now and it seems that he has ALL the feelings at ALL times. I hope my Evan is like your Evan in his adult life!!

  11. I cried at Winnie’s step too! That is the sweetest thing ever! Evan is definitely a keeper! Your birthday lists for him have inspired me to make one for my husband for his birthday in November 🙂

    • People are going nuts for the step! 🙂 aw, that’s nice, I’m sure your husband will appreciate. It reminds me to focus on the positive. And I
      it’s good to have to reread if your partner is ever bugging you (’cause no one is perfect!)

  12. Hope that Evan had a fabulous birthday! I agree – we need to celebrate more of the positives about the relationships in our lives. The step for sweet Winnie got me too. Amazing. I don’t have an Evan but I have a Kieran who is pretty awesome for many reasons. One thing I’ll never forget is the way he cared for our one pug – a puppy mill rescue who only had one eye, was blind in the other, had a host of health problems and was diabetic to boot! He was so kind to that wee dog – made sure she got her insulin on time twice a day, would carry her up and down the stairs, you name it. She was a hot mess and we adored her. Ahhh, love! 🙂

  13. I commented on your instagram, but this is such a sweet post! You guys are both awesome and it’s so nice to read about happy couples. 🙂 A lot of the things you write about Evan remind me of my husband. Today marks 9 years together with him (though only married for a little over a year…we’re procrastinators), and we’re due with our twin boys in a few days! I’ll share some things I love about him too since you asked 😉 :

    1. We have so much fun together. Whether it’s camping in our favorite hidden spot in the Green Mountains, trail walking, football watching, road tripping, or just hanging out playing card/board games and talking…he is my favorite person to do anything with.
    2. He is a helper. He’s always there for family, friends, acquaintances, or a stranger who needs a helping hand. He’ll donate his time to anyone without complaint or a second thought. He’s a much nicer person than me.
    3. He’s already such a good father to our babies. He talks to them, has put together all of their things, and talks about the things they’ll do together as the boys grow up.
    4. He’s a great cook and snack maker. These things are very important to a hanger prone person such as myself.
    5. He treats me like a queen, even when I don’t deserve it.
    6. He’s handy as heck. In the nine years we’ve been together I’ve seen him fix cars, washers, electrical issues, sew up holes in our clothes…you name it he can probably fix it. He’s also got creative solutions to anything. The first example I remember of this is our first camping trip together. We forgot to bring anything to drink out of, so he took two empty 20oz coke bottles from the car, cut them in half and put them back together backwards to make beer mugs/wine glasses depending on which side you had up. Hard to explain, but it was pretty impressive.
    7. He makes me feel beautiful…like truly convinces me he finds me attractive even when I’m a bloated pregnant whale that just rolled out of bed looking like hell.
    8. He’s one of the calmest, steadiest people I know. It seems his patience knows no bounds, which is pretty incredible considering how far I know I have pushed it at times. He keeps his cool and just goes with the flow. It’s great to have such a solid rock in this crazy life.
    9. He’s one damn good looking guy, if I do say so myself. It’s not the most important thing, but what a bonus!

    I got carried away there…sorry for such a long comment!

    • Amazing, thank you for sharing!!! I loved reading this. They are definitely similar 🙂 Evan is the sewer here too! I like the creativity with the beer and wine glasses.

      I agree, it is great to have a solid rock in this crazy life. It sounds like you two are going to be the best parents ever.