Friday Things

1  All summer I have been noticing a curious dent in the middle of my calf on my right leg. Only my right leg, my left leg is normal. I had no idea what could be causing this and I was starting to think my wonky dent was something that had always been there and I just hadn’t noticed. And then after a long meeting earlier this week I uncrossed my legs and saw this:


Note the redness around where the dent is. So it would appear the cause of the perma dent is CROSSING MY LEGS. Great. I don’t know how else to sit! I’m now trying to make an effort to not cross my legs when I am sitting, but the dent is not disappearing. Don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted on the state of the dent. Has anyone else experienced this?

2  I have mentioned before that Winnie is absolutely obsessed with her brush.


She cannot get enough of it. She will yowl at you and make you follow her to the ottoman to give her a brushing any chance she gets. But we can’t brush her as often as she would like (she would like constant brushing), so this finally happened:


I have been meaning to get it for her for a long time and I finally caved. She loves it.

She doesn’t love it quite as much as her brush, but now she can brush herself all day long!

3  A couple weeks ago we had an ice cream eating contest at work. We were partnered up and blindfolded, and then we had to feed ice cream to each other. Whichever team finished first won. I know, brain freeze central. Well, I’m new (I kind of switched jobs, I am going to have to tell you more about this later) and my partner didn’t know me very well so he didn’t know that a) I will do anything to win a contest, and b) I like eating a lot. So while I basically put his entire bowl of ice cream on one spoon and shoved it in the general direction of his face, he was so afraid of giving me too much that he was feeding me empty spoons. I was yelling “Give me more! I can take it! I PROMISE I CAN TAKE IT! MOARRR ICE CREAM” like we’re not going to win with empty spoons here!

Needless to say, we did not win, and I barely ate any ice cream so that was sad.


But it was fun. For future reference though, the most important thing is winning, and I can handle large quantities of ice cream. Give it to me.

4 Farm Boy, that amazing grocery store in Ottawa that I mentioned a while ago because I was raving about their lemon garlic dressing, finally opened a location in Whitby. I have been waiting for this all summer. It’s not Toronto but driving 45 minutes for salad dressing is preferable to driving 5 hours. I was in the neighbourhood on Sunday so I popped by to see if they had the dressing. They do. Ohh they do. And my fridge is now stocked with it.


I can’t even describe how excited I am about this. The only ingredients are lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, and salt and pepper and I have tried recreating it myself but it is just not the same. I love that dressing! I may have bought a fresh apple pie and homemade tortilla chips also. It was a productive trip.

5  I am obsessed with this song right now. It is a beautiful addition to my running playlist.

After a serious gym hiatus this summer I am getting back into it and that song is definitely helping.

6  Thanks, Twitter.

Screen Shot 2015-08-27 at 10.01.02 PM

Great photo placement. I appreciate.

7  I just need to say, it’s not fall! It’s still summer until September 23rd and I have had enough of hearing about boots and leaves and pumpkin spice lattes every time I open any social media. It was 35 degrees yesterday (95F) and it is going to stay around that temperature all weekend. That is not fall. Don’t rush it!!!

8  Have a great Labour Day weekend! (if you have a Labour Day weekend) Evan and I are going camping so I am very excited to escape the heat of the city (see above). Actually I don’t know if I can call it camping, because we are renting this yurt!


It will be our first experience yurt camping so that should be interesting.

Have a good one!


4 responses to “Friday Things

  1. Crossing your legs is actually bad for circulation. I try not to do it because I’ve noticed some varicose old-lady veins popping up that I don’t want to get any worse. No dents, though. I think that takes a higher level of expert leg-crossing.

  2. A yurt! How fancy. Actually, I have no idea. I have never been in a yurt. You will have to share all!

    And agreed on the just say no to Fall crap. It’s not Fall. Wait your turn!

  3. Oooh Glamping in a Yurt…sounds awesome! I can’t wait to hear about that. That dressing sounds awesome but it would be a REALLY long drive from!
    Aww, that cat contraption for Winnie looks awesome…I wish I had a human size one. She looks like she loves it!

    I am also tired of hearing about Pumpkins and scarves, boots, etc! It is still over 100 degrees here so when it starts to FEEL like fall I will be on-board with everything pumpkin.

    Send some of that motivation to exercise my way please! I have been slacking! 🙁