The Bird Dog and the Totes MaGoats Guacamole Burger

On Wednesday evening I was invited to South St. Burger‘s 10th anniversary Secret Menu launching. It was quite a top secret thing, apparently.


South St. Burger’s PR team, Instigator Communications, sure does things right. They were also behind the Slide The City event, and when my invitation for that arrived in the mail it included a giant Super Soaker water gun. It wasn’t even in a box or anything, it was fully sticking out of a little gift bag. It was especially funny because Evan and I were both at work when it was delivered, so the Super Soaker had to stay in our condo’s office until I got home and the Super of our building (Mario, his name is Super Mario) was like “We have an interesting gift for you in the office…” Super Soakers don’t come in the mail every day.

This invitation came in the above Top Secret envelope, which was also filled with classified high-quality images of hamburgers. I liked it. I appreciate these extra touches. It makes me excited.

Anyway, on Wednesday 20 of us gathered at South St. Burger on King Street East. I didn’t know what to expect, but I hoped to at least be eating a burger of some sort. I brought Evan as my +1, because he also enjoys burgers, and also just eating in general, so I knew he would appreciate.


I was delighted to find South St. had a whole event planned for us around creating our own secret menu items.


We got to create our own burger! We got to pick any toppings we wanted on the menu (and their toppings are extensive!) to create them.


We did this while we drank beer and milkshakes (weird combination but I will not ever pass up free beer or milkshakes) and ate fries. It was a dream. Just a dream.

Once we completed our burgers we named them, photographed them, and then had to post to Instagram with the hashtag #SouthStSecretMenu (click that if you want to view them!). The judges then went through and voted on best name, most original toppings, and best photo. There was also a fourth “people’s choice” category that the participants voted in (you couldn’t vote for your own burger). The four finalist burgers are then being recreated by South St. Burger next week, taste tested, and the winner of that gets a party at South St. Burger for 20 friends.

I wanted to win, of course, but mainly I just wanted to eat burgers, which I got to do., So either way I already felt like a winner.

My original plan was just to put every kind of cheese available on my burger – cheddar, goat cheese, pepper jack, mozzarella, swiss cheese, and brie. But then I noticed that one of the secret burgers was exactly that (The Cheesey Vegetarian – all the cheese on a veggie burger, which I will definitely be going back and ordering).

Next I thought about doing a Tex Mex burger, with salsa and guacamole, but then, again, I saw they have a very similar one on their menu already (The Nacho – cheddar, guacamole, salsa, lettuce, and jalapeno sour cream), so that was out.

My third choice was a simple and delicious (in my opinion) combination. A 6oz burger with goat cheese, guacamole, tomato, and red onion on a whole wheat bun. I call it The Totes MaGoats Guacamole Burger.


I thought it was a thing of beauty.


Tell me you wouldn’t eat that.

Evan’s mission was to be a bit more outrageous. I knew it. I knew he wasn’t going to just go for a regular old burger. BEHOLD! The Bird Dog!


Evan would like me to tell you that those are eyes, and to get your mind out of the gutter. But it does look like a rude, lewd and crude burger machine. It is a grilled chicken burger with bacon, a hot dog, pepper jack cheese, pickle, red onion, mustard, spicy Ketchup, and gourmet dill relish. Also quite a thing of beauty. When the organizers pulled up his photo on Instagram they all burst out laughing and showed it to everyone around them. Evan was super proud. He whispered excitedly to me “They’re looking at my burger!”

Evan’s burger won for most creative toppings, meaning that The Bird Dog will be moving onto the final taste test next week. I am excited to see South St. Burger recreate that thing, and I hope they do it justice. The manager of that South St. location said that she wasn’t sure it would win for best taste BUT she loves the burger so much she is hoping to do something with it in the future. Perhaps you will see The Bird Dog on a secret menu one day!

Evan is just happy for the recognition, and because he got to choose a prize. He could get $20 in South St. Burger bucks, or he could choose from a few prize items on a table. Evan said he wanted a souvenir, so this is what he chose:


A rolling pin with little burgers combos on it! He is excited about it, and I am excited for him to make me burger sugar cookies.

My burger won nothing. But we got to eat our burgers after we took pictures of them and mine was so good! I have never had goat cheese on a burger and it was just as amazing as I would have thought. Next time I am at South St. Burger I am going to have to try to get them to recreate the Totes MaGoats Guacamole burger for me. It was so delicious.

Evan’s was honestly surprisingly good as well. Fingers crossed he wins the taste test round and we can have a big party!

It was such a unique event and a really great evening all around. Thanks for having me South St!


2 responses to “The Bird Dog and the Totes MaGoats Guacamole Burger

  1. texasmelrose2

    I guess I am one of those Evan warned you about with their minds in the gutter because I totally saw boobies! LOL I love the Bird Dog and yours looked amazing. I would definitely order yours if it were on the menu. They really blew it not picking it. Looks like that was a ton of fun and I love the invite!