Parapan Am Athletics and the Scarborough Bluffs

This past weekend was the first weekend since May where nothing was going on. Evan and I didn’t have any plans or obligations, and we didn’t have anywhere to be, and it was awesome. I love being busy in the summer, and I prefer to be out doing things while the weather is nice and I specifically plan my summer around fun events, but I was beyond happy to not have to be anywhere doing anything.

This weekend was also the last weekend for Parapan Am Games events in the city, and I had been wanting to go but kept putting off getting tickets so I didn’t know if I would end up making it to an event… But then a friend I used to work with posted this video…

I can't even….. #paratough #parapanamazing

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And I was like dayummm. Amazing. That immediately made me get off my butt and get some tickets already.

So on Friday evening Evan and I made it to the final Parapan Am Athletics event at York University stadium.


Tickets were pretty inexpensive (like max $40) so it was disappointing that the stands were so empty. But, I almost didn’t go either, and I didn’t buy my ticket until I saw that amazing video, so maybe we all just need some more awareness of how awesome the para athletes are.

The event ran from 3pm-9pm, and we didn’t get there until about 6 but we were still able to catch a lot of the events.


That would be the Men’s T11 (blind) 1500 final, and Canada took silver! The athletes have varying levels of sight so to level the playing field they all run wearing a blindfold. They also run with a guide, which I thought was interesting. I can’t imagine trying to run with someone holding onto me. So I guess the guide would have to be as fast as the athlete, or else they’d be holding them back. Or maybe they are faster so they are pulling them ahead? I am not sure, but it was fun to watch.

The second group of blind runners did not wear blindfolds, and could choose if they wanted to run it alone or with a guide.

We also caught several of the javelin events, blind (F11/12) and physical disability (F44).


Man, the guy from Trinidad and Tobago (not pictured above) KILLED the Men’s F44 javelin. He won gold and broke the world record, twice. He didn’t even take a running start like the other athletes, he just stood at the line and chucked it like a beast. It was so impressive to watch.

We also caught the Men’s and Women’s 400m T53 (wheelchair) races, which were my favourite.

IMG_1356 (1)

You could really see how hard they were working and how much power they were putting into each and every push. It is very inspiring.

Canada won gold in the men’s event, so that was great to watch.

We also caught the medal ceremonies, and I may have had something caught in my eye for most of those…


I genuinely love watching any kind of sporting event. I could really get into watching anything live, even marbles (okay maybe not marbles). But the Parapan Am Athletics in particular were such an uplifting event, and it was really fun to go to. I am so glad we made it. And I am so thankful to my friend Taylor for posting that video and getting me to buy tickets.

On Saturday Evan had to pick up some tile over in Scarborough (a suburb just east of Toronto, usually still considered a part of Toronto), and my plan was to sleep in and do some stuff around the house while he was gone. But then he suggested we check out the Scarborough Bluffs (the eastern portion of Toronto’s waterfront on Lake Ontario) and make a day of it, and I had never been to the bluffs before but I have heard it’s really beautiful there, so I was down. I’m pretty sure he just wanted me to come along on his tile adventure. He knows how to lure me into doing stuff.

I had no idea how beautiful Scarborough Bluffs is. We parked near a park at the top of the bluffs, hopped a short fence (everyone does, we’re not hooligans), and I was immediately blown away.





Like WUT?! What the actual F. How is this in Toronto?! How have I never been here? Its 20 minutes from where we live and it feels like paradisio!



It’s pretty crazy. We walked around and took in the view for a bit (no crazy rock climbing, don’t worry), and I don’t know what else to say about it except it was beautiful.


It was extremely hot and humid and we were both sweaty beasts, but it was beautiful. I almost couldn’t believe it.

After our mini hike at the top of the bluffs, we drove down to Bluffer’s Park, on the bottom. Where the beach is!


Usually I make sure to bring my bathing suit around with me to places, in case an impromptu dream swimming situation pops up. I don’t want to be unprepared and have to miss out on dream swimming because I don’t have the proper gear, you understand. Well, this was totally an impromptu dream swimming situation and I unfortunately did not have my bathing suit, so I missed out. I would have preferred to be submerged in that water, but I settled for watching from afar.

We stumbled across the Dogfish Bar and Grill in the Bluffer’s Park Marina, so we stopped for lunch on the patio. I ordered the chicken fajita wrap with the Caesar salad, and it was pretty decent.


Not the best wrap I’ve ever had, but it was okay. The view though…


That was good.

There are various trails that lead around the park, so after lunch we walked around for a couple hours and took in the beauty views.



I felt like we were on a tropical island.





Definitely need to go back here for a beach day. It would be a really great spot for a picnic date also.

Such a nice time with my lover!


Toronto continues to surprise me, I tell you what.

And then we spent two hours waiting in Rona (the Canadian Home Depot equivalent that is shutting down pretty much everywhere because they can’t compete with Home Depot) for this tile that Evan needed, and we shall never speak of this time again.

The rest of the weekend was cleaning and errands and doing a whole ‘lotta nothing, and it was great.

Those Scarborough Bluffs though…I’f you’ve never been and you are in the area, GO THERE!


4 responses to “Parapan Am Athletics and the Scarborough Bluffs

  1. I want to be SUBMERGED in that water!!

  2. Nancy McCartney

    Your pictures are so beautiful and you would think you were in the Caribbean with the gorgeous colours of the water! My friends keep their boat at the Yacht Club and it’s a lovely setting with the Bluffs.

  3. texasmelrose2

    Wow, that is gorgeous water! I guess it was worth waiting around for the tile. Definitely worth a follow up trip with swim gear and a picnic lunch! I cannot get over how pretty the water is…