Hanlan’s Point Beach Day

I am really making an effort to enjoy summer as much as possible (you may have noticed), because as soon as winter and the frigid weather is back, there is a lot more anti-social hibernation going on. We only have a few short months of hot weather so I need to squeeze in the fun summer activities while I can. And on that note, I can’t believe it’s August already! I swear it creeps up on me every year but seriously, how did this happen?!

Anyway, on Friday I took the afternoon off work things and headed to Toronto Island with a bunch of friends. Lisa met me at my place and we made our way downtown to the Harbourfront.


We stopped and got a hotdog for lunch while we waited for Emily, Dawn and Joanna to join us, and I mention this because I could not get over the amount of toppings this hotdog vendor had. Literally everything that you could put on a hotdog, they had available. So that was impressive.

Once we met the girls we took the Hanlan’s Point ferry over to the island together. There are actually three ferries that go to the island, to the three different beaches, and we knew we wanted the Hanlan’s Point beach. I’ve talked about this beach before but just a quick refresher, it is one of the only clothing-optional beaches in Canada. Don’t let that scare you away though, it is a beautiful beach (the nudity is also a lifestyle thing and not a sexual thing in the least), and I think it’s the nicest one on the island.


It’s also just a laid back and chill time over there.

I feel like I should clarify that no, we did not remove our clothes. I am all for doing what you feel and no judgment from me, but that is not something I would feel comfortable doing in my own city. My nungas are just too unruly. What if I ran into someone I worked with?! Maaaybe if I was in another country or something. There are many naked people on the beach though, and it is surprising to see them frolicking around and/or laying around spreadeagled. Surprising because it’s not something you see every day and I’m not used to it.


Optional, so there are also many people clothed. Lisa took that pic and originally there was a nude man below the sign who was the victim of the crop tool.

We scored a great spot on the beach and set up shop.


We were only there for about an hour when these beautiful people joined us!


Lisa’s sister Heather, her boyfriend Brent, and their friend Trevor (Trevor’s partner Matt also joined us later on after he was done work). If you need to get caught up, some past adventures with the four of them – Cross country skiing in RevelstokeBlue Jays Game, and Vegas.


Blue Jays game


The Mirage pool in Vegas

And most recent adventure with just Heather and Brent – camping in the mountains.

Things tend to get a little crazy when we’re all together. I dislike using the word epic because it is completely overused, but when we are together it is truly a pretty epic time. The level of excitement in the air skyrocketed as soon as they arrived and Dawn, Emily, Lisa, Jo and I recognized that it was party time.




Brent and Heather sandwich




In the original photo above there was a naked couple behind us totally photobombing the group shot. The woman was definitely shaking her tatas for the camera. I didn’t notice this until way after it was taken, so that was a fun discovery. More victims of cropping.

We stayed on the beach and swam in the water and talked and laughed for hours, and it was awesome. It started to get cloudy in the late afternoon, but for the most part it was a beautiful day.


We were planning on renting kayaks on the island, but in the end we were just having too much fun on the beach to leave. We did start a big volleyball game with another group on the beach though.


Eventually our original group of five left the rest of the party animals headed back to the ferry, eating an entire pizza and then stopping by the hedge maze on the way (and I tried to take them on my favourite ride but it was sadly closed by that time). It was a really fun day and it gave me a big love burst for my friends and also my city.


And also this summer.


7 responses to “Hanlan’s Point Beach Day

  1. texasmelrose2

    What a beutiful beach! How funny that you were intermingling with the nudists. I will admit I was scanning your pictures trying to get a glimpse of something extra in the background. LOL! Too funny about the lady in your picture showing off her goods. 🙂 Your friends seem like such a fun group!

    • texasmelrose2

      Oh and not literally scanning the pictures..lol. I re-read that and it sounds weird. Scanning as in looking at them. HeHe

    • Hahaha, I was scanning them too just in case. I did have to use the blur tool (and the crop tool!) in a couple 😉

      • texasmelrose2

        LOL that is too funny! When my hubby and I were just dating we went to a Hot Spring in New Mexico. We wandered into the clothing optional area and the nudists in the hot spring were trying to get us to join them. Like you I am blessed in the chest so I was not on board with that. Plus it was all old people and the whole “sitting in a hot spring with nakey old people” was creepy to say the least. 🙂 So funny! Oh, to be that free…

  2. nudist lifestyling

    I go to the nude beach and hate being stared down by groups of young liberal chicks who really should be in the clothing required section. Not cool.

  3. nudist lifestyling

    Why would a group of prudish women go there anyway?

  4. Have some Pride

    what a sad bunch of prudes