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I am not exactly sure how this happened, but last week I scored a VIP invitation to Slide the City, a 1,000 foot slip n’ slide, through ESKA Water’s #eskaquest. Slide the City has been making the rounds across North America, and I want to say the world also, because I was looking up photos of the event so I could get a sense of what to wear to it, and the Instagram pictures I came across mainly seemed to be from Korea. I can’t say that seeing what tiny Korean people were wearing helped me very much in deciding what I should wear, but I’ll tell you it did look like they were having a lot of fun in their teeny trendy swimsuits.

Anyway, ESKA Water’s email asked me if I would like to be one of the first 20 sliders at Toronto’s Slide the City this past Saturday at Downsview Park, and I was immediately like YES I DO. Of course I do. I roped my friend Hannah into coming along with me.

slide the city

She did not need a lot of convincing. A couple past adventures with Hannah -> the time we went to a Cat Show, and stand up paddle boarding.

I also ran into my fellow Toronto blog pal Steph from Leopard is a Neutral.

slide the city

I haven’t seen her in years so that was exciting. She had her snowsuit clad cousin sliding down in her honour.

slide the city

I’m sure you are just as confused about the snowsuit as I was, so I am supposed to tell you that he is representing his ski team the Raging Roosters.

Saturday was extremely hot and humid (finally, it is summer!), so it was the perfect day to be slip n’ sliding. It was pretty exciting to be VIP and we got a day pass and a sweet hat and t-shirt and I felt very spoiled and was very thankful, but I have to be honest that being one of the first ones down the slide came with its disadvantages. The slide was not quite slippery enough for sliding yet. It’s probably a good thing that we were the ones who experienced this and not the general public who were paying to slide, because it was not ideal sliding conditions. I like to think we just warmed it up for them. The first run was the worst, but it was also the best because it was the most hilarious.

This is basically what happened:



I did my research and had looked at a ton of photos and videos, so I was expecting to just fly down that slide. Well, sort of. I did think that if anyone was going to get stuck it would be me, so I was prepared to have an embarrassing moment of some sort. But we all got stuck. Every few feet or so. There was not a lot of sliding on that first slide.

slide the city

Mostly we carried our tubes and walked down the slide.

slide the city

Every so often I would throw my tube down and throw my body on it and slide for a few feet. But only a few feet, so then I would get up and walk again. There were a few media people there and I am pretty sure that they all threw out the footage of our first slide, because a slip n slide that does not slide is probably not ideal to show to the public.

slide the city

We were absolutely dying of laughter though. I could barely walk down the slide I was laughing so hard. We didn’t slide, but it was still the best slide of the day for me because I didn’t have another one that made me laugh that hard.

I was worried for the organizers because if the non-sliding continued and people paid to slide, that could be a seriously disastrous situation. But it got pretty crazy busy…

slide the city

99.9 Virgin Radio came and set up shop beside the slide and turned it into a true party. And once people started sliding, the slide started slipping. The rest of our slides were quite slippy, and it was great!

slide the city

Just like I had envisioned! Once everything started working, the only thing you had to worry about was someone getting stuck in front of you and slowing you down. We experienced quite a few tube pileups.

@hanrouk and I on a 1,000 foot slip n slide! #slidethecity #tubepileup

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Again though, that only makes it more funny. Also, I was trying to get a video of Hannah behind me, not my butt.

My only regret is that I didn’t go down the slide on the swan.

slide the city

slide the city

The swan did not seem to be ideal for sliding either, but it did look fun. What ended up working the best for Hannah and I were two tubes I picked up from the Dollar Store.

slide the city

And we made new friends! In the middle of us is Virginia from Searching for Apples. We initially bonded over all the non-sliding, and then we ended up hanging out with her and her husband for most of the day. They were a good time.

It was a really fun day, and definitely a unique experience. Thank you so much for inviting me, ESKA Water!


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  1. Lindsey, it was so great to spend the day with you and Hannah! You described the experience perfectly – although I wonder if you were as sore as I was the day after? I need to workout more. I look forward to running into you at future events!

    • I was so sore after! Especially my arms! I didn’t even realize how much I was using them. Good times though, good times. I am looking forward to running into you too! We need to make sure that happens 🙂