80s Spandex Camping

First things first, we celebrated my Nana’s 101st birthday with her on Friday afternoon.


What a Nana she is. I could tell that she wasn’t feeling the most wonderful, but that saucy minx just puts on a brave face anyway. She was so happy to have her family there.


Touchin’ my face, as she does. She is just the cutest. I still can’t believe 101.

Once Evan got home from work on Friday evening, we packed up the car and headed up north to Algonquin Park for some CAMPING! Well, technically not quite Algonquin Park, just on the outskirts. My friend Sherrie organizes a camping trip every year to Pine Grove Point (which we actually stumbled across when we got kicked out of Algonquin for being too noisy, and it’s also where Evan and I picked up our canoe when we went backcountry canoe camping in Algonquin). There are bathrooms and a store in the park, so as far as camping goes it’s kind of cheating. But still fun.

I love Algonquin Park, it is absolutely beautiful, but if you’re going to have a lot of people with you, provincial parks are not the place to be. Private camping is where it’s at because they are fine if your group is loud, and you can bring drinks around with you, like to the lake and such (you can’t do that at provincial parks). And at this place we have one big site that everyone can stay on.


So that is handy.

Algonquin is about a three hour drive from us and we had to make a few stops, so we got to the site around 11pm. Just in time for sparklers around the fire.



Most of the group arrived on Thursday, so I dropped our tent off with our friends Kim and Dylan earlier in the week and they had it all set up and ready for us. It was WONDERFUL. I am so, so glad we didn’t have to deal with setting that up in the dark when we got there. Perfect.


Tent party. Ours is the red and white one and it’s kind of big and annoying to get up.

The last time we used that tent we were camping with Bolt and there were still little tufts of white hair kicking around in there. It made me miss him.

In the morning after breakfast (Egg sandwich and coffee from the store, which was very easy and tasty, but as I said, cheating) we all headed down to the lake.



It was pretty busy and I think I was spoiled when I was camping in BC and our site was right on the water and there was no one else around…but I still love the swimming at this place. I say this all the time, but I love deep lake swimming.

elephant lake

Aside from a quick break for sausages around lunchtime, we stayed in the water all day long.

I’m really glad my graceful porpoise Evan could make it out this year, ’cause he had to miss last year’s camping trip here and had never experienced it before. And also he makes me laugh hard.

It was a time. We were all super diligent with the sunscreen reapplying and I am happy to report that no one got burnt.

Eventually we headed back for some dinner.



Lisa and I brought the same fare when we were camping a few weeks ago, veggies (precut before we left) and chicken souvlaki sticks, and it is so easy. I think it is going to be a camping staple for me. I also got some Kawartha Dairy Moosetracks ice cream from the store. Because I cannot resist Moosetracks.


And it was delicious.

Sometime in the late afternoon Dawn, Mark, Emily and Erin arrived to the party.


Sherrie, Emily, Sarah, me, Dawn, Erin

And they brought this little lady.



It was Erin’s last event in Ontario before she went back to Edmonton, so she definitely went out with a bang. We all just had a good ol’ camping time.



Some manly wood chopping happened…


And Euchre (I love!), and KanJam.


And flip cup!

The campground is also a trailer park, and in the afternoon a lady in neon leg warmers and crimped hair pulled up to us in a golf cart and invited us to an 80s themed 40th birthday party that was happening at someone’s trailer that evening. So yes, we were in for that. Once it got dark we decided to go on an adventure to find it.

First we stopped at a trailer tiki bar…


We asked the people permission for that photo, don’t worry. And if I had a trailer, I would have this bar. I especially enjoyed Today’s Catch menu.

To find the 80s party we just followed the loud 80s music and the screaming, so that was easy. There were a ton of people there, so we introduced ourselves and made some new friends, and then made them dance with us.

IMG_0300 copy

But they are still strangers, so they get Mr. T. faces.

Mark convinced one girl in attendance to switch clothes with him… and this is how that turned out:

IMG_0297 copy

He quickly became the hit of the party.

IMG_0301 copy

Dawn was watching him proudly as he was strutting in his unitard and she said to me “This is why he’s my soulmate.” Aw, young love.

I was fine with Evan not being in pink spandex.


He’s always a beaut, spandex or not.

We hung out with the 80s crowd for a bit and then headed back to our campsite to chill around the fire, roasting marshmallows and eating s’mores. And on Sunday we pretty much just packed up and came home.

It was quite a fabulous camping weekend with quite fabulous people!



3 responses to “80s Spandex Camping

  1. I think the Mr. T crotch is my favorite thing about this post. Nope. It is. I know the Mr. T crotch is my favorite thing about this post.

  2. I’m not a fan of camping, but you make it look so fun!

  3. texasmelrose2

    LOL @ Mark and his unitard! I love the strategically placed Mr T face. 🙂

    Your Nana is the most precious and I love that picture of the 2 of you.

    I also love the picture of you and Evan..you both look so happy!