Salmon Arm, the Last Leg (/arm)

When we woke up in our mountain paradise on Monday it was raining, which was fine, as we suspected this might happen and I had the good sense to put the fly on our tent before I went to bed the night before (which I am surprised about, because I was drunk). And it was also fine because it would have been a lot harder to leave this…


had it been sunny and hot like the past two days. So we packed up our stuff, hugged everyone goodbye, and got on the road.

It’s only about an hour from Revelstoke, where we were, to Salmon Arm, where my mom is. So this is why the trip worked out so perfectly for me. We were already going to Revelstoke so to get Lisa to drive me an extra hour to my mom’s was no big D. And, as driving anywhere in BC is, it was beautiful.


We got to my mom’s around noon, Lisa hung around for a bit to see her, and then my mom and I had a quiet day in while it rained outside. And I napped, that was key. We went out for Chinese in the evening with my Uncle Donny and Aunt Barb, so it was really great I could see them, too. I was only out west for five days but I was just fitting everyone in! I also ran some errands with my mom on Tuesday morning and went out for coffee with some of her friends, so that was cute.

My mom found a story book that I had written and drawn pictures for when I was in Grade 2, and I was pretty excited to find this picture in there:


Appropriate. I like how everything in the picture is in pencil crayon, except for the butt crack. That is serious and needs to be defined with black marker. I can remember my teacher at the time and my mom really laughing about this on parent-teacher night. Sometimes I think I liked to push the envelope a bit in school to see what I could get away with…

Anyway. On Tuesday afternoon I walked down to the Salmon Arm wharf by myself. It was like 35 degrees but I had some water and a sweet hat so I was good.


Salmon Arm is also really pretty. I talked about this on our trip there last year. The mountains are not as big as the mountains in Revelstoke, but mountains are mountains.




I took this beautiful photo…


And I put it on Instagram and went to tag the location…and check out the first location result.


Eric is my brother. His rat lounge is his bedroom at my mom’s, and a big inside joke with his friends. Interestingly, I had just come from there. So, I was not expecting to see that and it made me laugh quite hard. Eric’s Rat Lounge is currently empty though, as Eric is going to school in Kelowna (um, he wants to do his masters in Neuroscience so I am not exactly sure how he’s my sibling) and he’s living in Kelowna with Kenya and his best friend Dixon. Eric and Dixon both had to work Tuesday morning but arrived that afternoon to hang out with us. I was so excited to see them, and even more excited that Eric brought these:


He is working at Safeway while in school and making all the donuts. I could not do that, or I would be 300lbs. But when donuts are brought to me, I will eat them. All of them (or at least a piece of them all).

There was a pretty crazy storm happening in the afternoon, but after dinner (tacos), there was a bit of a break so I convinced Eric and Dixon to take me to the beach.


You might remember this beach from last year, when I came with Evan. I was missing Evan and his sass face pretty hard on this trip, but he was working and it was really nice to spend time with just my mom. And my little (but pretty giant) brother.


And Dixon, who I sort of consider my second brother.


And who I almost didn’t recognize because of his long luscious locks.

Eric and I jumped in the water and started swimming (I’ll never pass up a chance), but then it was suddenly storming again so we abandoned that mission. Back to the Rat Lounge.

My flight was out of Kelowna in the early afternoon on Wednesday, Canada Day, but the boys drove me a bit early so I could check out their sweet student pad. And for a student pad, it really was sweet. I was impressed. And then it was back to Ontario for me.

I am already missing everyone, but Eric is coming here in a month and my bestie will be here in three weeks, so thankfully not for too long!


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  1. dude man, you need a NSFW disclosure on this post. dat butt crack

  2. texasmelrose2

    LOL @ the butt crack picture..priceless! 🙂
    BC is just gorgeous!