6 Thing Thursday

Good morning!


Just a few things today…

1  You know when you get to that point with your hair when you haven’t gotten it cut in a while and suddenly it looks awful no matter what you do to it and you just can’t take it anymore? Well, I had that moment last week. I glanced at myself in the mirror and really noticed how thin and scraggly the ends of my hair were. The day before I was feeling okay hair-wise, but suddenly a switch flipped and I couldn’t stand to have it down another second. I have been trying to grow my hair for a while now, but I think I finally realized that I like the idea of having long, luscious locks. In theory. But in reality it’s not working for me and it hasn’t been for a while. So, for the first time in about five years, I got a real haircut!


My hair is super fine and super straight and it always looks the same (in the first picture above that is my air-dried hair). It has looked basically the same since high school and even then the only difference was I parted it in the middle. I am pretty lazy when it comes to my hair, so I am lucky that I really don’t have to do anything to it and it looks alright. Straight and the same, yes, but alright. I usually get a trim at Great Clips or First Choice Haircutters because it’s cheap and I find that it doesn’t matter if I get an expensive cut or a cheap one, once I style it myself it looks the same.

Well, I splurged. My coworker recommended her salon near our work in Mississauga, Onaré, and she was raving on about her hair stylist, Paulo, and her hair is just fabulous, so I booked an appointment. It was definitely the most expensive haircut I’ve ever had (even with $20 off with my coworker’s referral) but I have zero regrets because it is also probably the best! Paulo really was fantastic. He actually listened to me, he didn’t get all scissor happy, and he took his time and studied my face while making cuts. I didn’t even realize how much my hair was weighing me down.


And the difference in how it feels is incredible. Light and airy and freee. I just want to shake my head around all day long like I’m in a hair commercial. I like. I really like.


Also, it has been far, far too long since I have had a head massage while getting shampooed. I could have stayed there all day.

2  Speaking of splurging, Evan and I finally got a real blender.


The Blendtec! I am sick of crap blenders that die in a year. Evan and I have gone though two together, both about ~$100, so we were after something legit. We were originally thinking the Vitamix, but after doing a bunch of research the Blendtec sounds comparable and people say you can’t go wrong with either. The big selling feature for the Vitamix seems to be the tamper, but that wasn’t a big deal to me. We’re mainly using the blender for smoothies anyway and so far having a tamper hasn’t been necessary. Also, the Blendtec is about $100 cheaper, which, if I am spending that much money on a blender that’s going to last a lifetime what’s an extra $100, really…but it did factor in. The container is also shorter, which I like. It is also more digital than the Vitamix, and it even has an odometer!

So far I am LOVING it. The things it can blend! It pulverizes ice in seconds! My smoothies have never been smoother! And it is so easy to clean, you just add water to the container and pulse it for a bit. The ONLY problem is it sounds like a freakin’ snowmobile is in our kitchen when it’s running. It is so loud. I keep meaning to ask our neighbours if they hear anything in the morning…

3  Speaking of loud neighbours…every night this week a lady in the condo building across from us has been singing very weirdly and loudly on her balcony. I don’t know what song it is but it sounds like “Ahhhayeeeeahhhhahhhhahahahhhh” but picture a cross between these goats (please watch, you will die) and Uncle Frank in Home Alone when he’s singing in the shower.


Sweet baby Jesus does that singing make me laugh hard. I hope the lady never stops.

4  I was going to write a whole post about this yesterday but then started to write it and realized I didn’t really have enough to say for an entire post. But time for a little workout update.

The last time I wrote about this was just before Cuba and I was worried that after vacation I would completely fall off the wagon and stop going to the gym, as has been happening the last couple of years. I lost my mojo for a while. But I am happy to report that working out at least three times a week has finally become a habit once again for me. I think. For now. Who knows what will happen in the summer.

Typically I will run 1-2 days a week, and strength train 2-3 days, so between those I am averaging 3-4 days of being active. Sometimes 5! And sometimes 2. I started hitting the gym in the morning before work with Evan back at the end of March, and originally I was just using the machines, but since then we have both graduated to the barbells and and dumbbells (I much prefer doing my own thing to the machines). And also, something happened after I went to cross fit with my new friend Amy… I seem to have discovered a new confidence in the gym and have been branching out on my own. If you follow me on Pinterest you may have noticed I’ve been pinning a lot of workouts on there lately.

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 9.56.33 PM

This one from Michelle is my new favourite. I did it on Friday morning using the 45 pound bar for the squats, deadlifts, press and rows, and I could barely walk at the cottage. Getting into squatting position to do things on the dock was next to impossible. But at least my legs will look good!



So, that’s what’s new there. The only changes in my body so far that I’ve really noticed have been to my limbs. But that’s the way it goes. I definitely feel stronger.

5  Ontario has new distracted driving penalties.

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 8.22.45 AM

I wonder how old this stock photo is…

If you’re caught talking or texting on a cellphone, or using any device, fines are now up to $1,000 and three demerit points! We are cracking down. Americans, if this isn’t a law yet where you are, I feel like it is coming for you.

6  Last but not least, Paula and Fabian arrive today!


Paula and I met a few years ago through our blogs, and Evan and I actually stayed with them for a night when we were in Florida. They’ve never been to Canada, so Evan and I are taking them on a Great Canadian Adventure. We’re picking them up early this afternoon in Buffalo, heading to Niagara Falls and spending the night there, then we’re driving straight to Evan’s cottage for some real Ontario cottage country action. THEN we are hitting up my friend Emily’s birthday on Saturday night, and we’re going to Yuk Yuks (a comedy club), so I’m thinking that will be a fun time. And Sunday is Toronto day, so we’re cruising around downtown and taking the ferry to the island. And then they leave on Monday morning. So it’s pretty jam-packed and I am overly excited to show those two around.

And that’s that. I am off two pick up those two minxes. Have the best weekend!!!


6 responses to “6 Thing Thursday

  1. I am so jealous! Some day I will visit your land make you be my tour guide. I’ll bring the blow-up dolls, you bring the pouting 😉

  2. Nancy McCartney

    Your hair looks fabulous Lindsey! Also, you will love the Blendtec. Both Chrissy and Allie use theirs
    all the time and yes it is very noisy!

  3. My hair is like that now. Cute haircut! We’re getting ready to move to Kansas and I am planning to start CrossFit there. Right now, my main source of exercise is running but I know I need to start incorporating strength training into my routine. Womp womp.

  4. Love the haircut. I thought I could get away with just air drying my hair this week… apparently it’s so humid – so much poof…

    I love playing tour guide! Have fun!

  5. texasmelrose2

    Love your hair!! Very chic and worth the expense! I hope you have a blast playing tour guide…your weekend sounds amazing!