Honky Tonk Central (and other Nashville activities)

On Saturday, we woke up bright and early to start exploring Nashville.


Well, we woke up bright and early, but by the time we got ready, checked out of the hostel and packed up all our stuff back into the cars to move to the hotel later, it was 11am and we needed breakfast immediately. Originally we thought we would not want to stay two nights in the hostel, so booked Hotel Indigo (also downtown) for Saturday night. In hindsight, we should have just stayed at one place for both nights. After seeing the hostel we all agreed we would have been fine there for two nights, because moving everything ate up a couple of hours that could have been spent adventuring/eating. To complicate matters, there was a colour run happening that morning so many of the downtown roads were closed and due to this we had trouble getting the cars out of the garage to pack them. And also, all the breakfast hotspots were PACKED with colour runners and we were looking at an hour wait anywhere we went. By the time we realized this we were just too hungry (read: hangry) to wait any longer, and though I wanted a crazy American breakfast I ended up getting the spinach, feta and egg wrap from Starbucks. All was not lost though, I have never had that wrap before. Technically still trying new things.

I did not get to eat around as much as I would have liked to in Nashville, but I find this is really typical while on a group trip because it is difficult to coordinate meals with everyone. I was disappointed because I had so many great recommendations for places to eat from you guys, and Jack’s Bar-b-cue in particular sounded like my dream! It’s okay though, it gives me an excuse to go back to this fantastic city with Evan and do a legit eating tour.

First we did a little walk down Broadway to see all the tourist things.


Elvis rocking out with Sherrie’s cane. Temporary cane, she had knee surgery back in February and is recovering really well. The cane was fun to have with us because we basically used it as a prop. It’s a conversation piece for sure.

We also did some shopping on Broadway.


The sisters Hailey and Alicia were after some real cowboy boots, and they totally scored!


It was quite the shopping experience and I was tempted to get a pair of boots for myself, but seriously, where am I going to where those. I also was considering getting this sweet shirt for Evan.


Because I like to get him ridiculous shirts when I am traveling. But it was $100, and that is a little steep. I did pick him up a keychain for his extensive keychain collection though (his grandparents started the collection 50 years ago and he is still going strong with it!).

Next we decided to go on the Music City Hop-On Hop-Off Trolley Tour, similar to the one we did last year in Boston.





The first guide we had before we hopped off and back on was AMAZING. He was so informative about all the sights, and was loud and clear when he was telling us about the city (the second tour guy we had was quiet and sort of mumbley).


Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park

I wish I had done more research on Nashville beforehand so that I knew where to get off, because looking at the stops now I would have liked to check out the Centennial Park and Parthenon and the Johnny Cash museum (which for some reason wasn’t on our tour that day). But I was very happy with the stop we did choose to do, Nelson’s Green Brier Distillery. I enjoy a good distillery. We went over to the winery first.


We did the full flight of wine tasting ($6), which included all the dry and sweet wines. The sweet wines were a little too sweet for me (Emily drank a sample and promptly said “I think I have diabetes now,” which made me laugh), but there was one dry red that I really liked.


It was our wine guide’s birthday that day, so we sang Happy Birthday to him in French, complete with the second “quel âge as-tu?” chorus. He liked.

Kim scored a pretty awesome bag.


You can fit three bottles in that emergency kit! So handy!

Next we checked out the Corsair Brewery.


I tried all five of their in-house brews.


The Quin-Wit was my favourite. The Muscat Wheat Wine was the only one I did not like at all.


My love Sherrie <3

There is a cute little patio at the brewery, so we took our beer outside to enjoy the sunshine.


Or the shade, whatever.

We were definitely a little tipsy after the brewery. We hopped back on our trolley and rode it until we got back downtown where we started.

It was a bit of a walk to get back to our hotel from where the trolley dropped us off, so we flagged down a horse and carriage.



We literally rode up and down Broadway on our old stud Leroy, a la Big and Rich!! It was a dream! I think it was the highlight for Sherrie.

We made a note that we needed to go back here later:


And my dream Jack’s Bar-b-cue passed me by.


We made it to the hotel, checked in, and then sneakily decorated it in 30th birthday decorations for Sherrie.


Sherrie’s actual 30th birthday was in February, but she just had knee surgery and it was not the best celebration for her. I was happy we could make it up to her!


After we got ready, we took a cab over to ACME Feed and Seed for dinner.


Someone recommended this to me when I asked you guys to suggest things (thank you Jennifer!) and we were looking forward to that rooftop patio all day!

ACME is four levels, with food and live music on the first, and the rooftop patio on the top.


We chose to sit on the first level by the band to eat dinner (though it was pretty busy so we didn’t have much choice, it was the only spot we found an open table).


I ordered the half rack of beef ribs, which came with mac and cheese, collard greens, and coleslaw.


Delicious. Not the best ribs I’ve ever had, but they had a lot of meat on them and I was just so excited to be eating barbecue that my opinion might be tainted. So excited in fact that I almost ordered the full rack of ribs, but I’m glad I didn’t because I could barely finish this. Also, that mac and cheese was the stuff dreams are made of. Really, really good.

I also got the fried green tomatoes.


Because eating fried green tomatoes has always been a dream of mine. I was happy it came true.

We did have big plans for that rooftop patio, but unfortunately the elevator wasn’t working and it wasn’t ideal for Sherrie to climb all that way with her recovering knee. It’s fine, we were ready to party and we had been eyeing Honky Tonk Central, so that’s what we hit up next!


Once again, live music. We have a fiddler!


Ah, I love it so much.

We had a little squirt gun with us, which ended up being the prop highlight of the night. We were sharing a table with two couples and they were just dying for the squirt gun. It got a lot of attention. There was a guy in a lime green shirt who kept coming over to talk to us so I used the squirt gun to draw a water smiley face on his shirt, with two wet spots in his nippular area for the eyes. He liked.

We were talking to these 21 year olds for a bit who were there with their dad, and it turned out they were from Detroit so I just started peppering one guy with Detroit questions. It just fascinates me to hear about it, because the stories we hear sound like they can’t possibly be true. The guy was telling me that it’s generally safe and sounds a lot worse than it actually is, but there are places you just cannot go, and you need to be aware and street smart. He seemed like a young innocent muffin, so I asked him if he had ever been mugged, and what would he do in a mugging situation? And he said “Well I just tell them sorry, I don’t have any money,” and I was all “That works?!” and he said “It’s worked three times!” which…is nuts. Nuts that it worked, and nuts that it’s happened three times. Good to know though, if I ever get mugged I’m trying that. “Sorry, I don’t have any money…but I do have this squirt gun if you’re interested?”

And then the Detroit guys found out we were 10 years older than them and they disappeared and we never saw them again. Stay safe, friends!

We did a little Honky Tonk tour. I liked the view.



Nashville is so interesting, it’s like a mini country Vegas. I liked seeing all the downtown sights (we did go down the other streets aside from Broadway, but I don’t have any pics of them). This sight was a highlight:

11146640_10152721489646920_2363689254767417889_o (1)

Sure don’t see that every day. Our last stop of the evening was at a karaoke bar just down the street. My memory is fuzzy of this place, but I do remember signing us up to sing Strokin’ by Clarence Carter. Unfortunately we left before we were called up to sing. I’m sure we would have been entertaining (for us, not sure about the rest of the patrons…)

And then we got street meat.


As one does. I accidentally went a little too crazy with the mustard.

And then back to the hotel to bed.

In the morning Emily and I hit up the Country Music Hall of Fame with Alicia and Hailey (after another Starbucks breakfast). I’m SO glad we did that.


Most of these are Elvis records.



Neil Young! My Crush!


Highly recommend checking that out if you’re in Nashville! It’s awesome, and if you enjoy country music it’s a must!

And that was our Nashville adventure. I wish we could have seen more, but for one full day I think we squeezed in a lot and I’m satisfied with the things we did. I really love those girls. We had a lot of fun together. Thank you for organizing, Sherrie!!!

We were on the road by noon, and I was home and in bed at 4am. Monday at work was a really good time.

Have a great weekend!


3 responses to “Honky Tonk Central (and other Nashville activities)

  1. texasmelrose2

    I am in shock at how much you fit in to that short trip! Sounds like a total blast and now I want to go to Nashville even more! I love country music and am dying to see the Country Music HOF and the Grand Ole Opry. Ah, one day! It looks like there is a very hopping night life and I am glad to see you had some props. The squirt gun is brilliant! 🙂 I also caught a glimpse of your blow up toys. LOL love it!

  2. You guys did a lot! I love Nashville! Also glad you got to ride on your old stud Leroy. Too funny, but so appropriate.

  3. artisticrevival01

    Thanks so much for detailing your travels. My friend and I are headed to Nashville at the end of April for her 30th. We are actually planning on driving from Toronto to Chicago to Kansas City (she’s a huge royals fan) on Thursday with a stop over in Chicago for some rest, and then picking back up Friday morning to make it to the game Friday evening. Seems a bit ambitious now so I’m really hoping we can make it with our tight deadlines. From Kansas we plan to drive to Nashville on Saturday, spend the day and night there and make our way back to Toronto on Sunday. I’m not sure how this will all pan out but we are very hopeful! Will post as we go!