Happy or Hungry Eats the World: Tabülè, Middle Eastern Cuisine

Just a quick note… Tabülè is generally Middle Eastern cuisine, and in my self-imposed rules of Happy or Hungry Eats the World I would like to eat at traditional restaurants from every country (or as many countries as I can find in Toronto). So I am not crossing a country off my list with Tabülè, because I still would like to eat at traditional Eqyptian, Iranian, Lebanese, Syrian, Turkish, etc. etc. places. Also, the Tabülè website says the menu items are an interpretation of traditional Middle Eastern dishes, and my interpretation of that is the dishes are not quite authentic. However, Tabülè is freakin’ delicious and I’ve eaten there twice lately, at both Toronto locations, and it is Middle Eastern food and that is different, so I am sharing.

And another note, I apologize for the quality of photos in half of this post. I feel weird taking pictures in restaurants so I tend to just do it sneakily with my phone rather than bust out a proper camera. I do realize I am probably going to have to get over this weirdness if I want good photos. Anyway, here we go!


Tabülè, Middle Eastern Cuisine

Tabülè has two locations in Toronto, one on Queen East and one on Yonge close to Davisville. A few weeks ago I went to the Queen East location with my blog friends CaseyShanondoah, and Michelle.



(photo from BlogTO)

I love how open and vibrant it is in there.

We started with the sample platter of three mezze cold appetizers ($14). You can mix and match out of four options, and we went with babaganüj, tabülè, and hummus.


Which came with a side of pitas. By the end I was seriously eating those dips by the spoonful though. So good, all of them! I could eat that all night and be happy.

For my main I ordered the tawük ($15.95), two skewers of marinated chicken breast with rice and vegetables. Actually, I think we all ordered the same!


The chicken was juicy and spiced perfectly. I was pretty full going into that after our appetizers and I was pretty sure I was going to have to pack most of it up, but we ended up chatting for so long that I was able to finish it.

For dessert we split the baklava sample platter.


Ah-freakin-mazing. Tabülè is doing dessert right.

Just a heads up on Monday’s and Tuesday’s there is no corking fee, so you can bring your own wine without paying extra! We brought two bottles with us, so that was great.

My next Tabülè adventure was on Saturday with Evan at the Yonge and Davisville location.


 (photo from BlogTO)

tabule (1)

 (photo from TripAdvisor)

They have belly dancers on the weekend! We didn’t see any but we may not have been there late enough. I really wanted to sit on the patio but unfortunately it was completely full. That’s alright though, it’s a really nice atmosphere inside. I loved the hanging lights at this location.

We again started with the mezze cold sample platter.


This time with babaganüj, labni (Lebanese yogurt cheese mixed with garlic & topped with Lebanese spices), and hummus. The dips are truly fantastic. I want to eat them all the time. I think the labni was my overall favourite. And I think they inspired Evan to recreate them at home, so I am excited for that.

For my main this time I went with the falafel entree ($13.95), with falafel balls, müjaddara (rice with lentils and onions), and vegetables.


I loved it and the only tiny negative I could say is that my falafel balls were just sliiiightly on the dry side (but I am not very falafel savvy, so that could be just a falafel thing in general).

Evan ordered the kefta banadura ($18.95), two skewers of ground lamb and beef in a tomato garlic sauce, with rice, onions and vegetables on the side.


I can’t lie, I had some meal envy. Evan’s dish was so, so good. When I go again (and I need to go again), I will be ordering that. I loved the sauce so much.

We were so full from the sample platter that we both packed up most of our entree, and even some of our leftover dips. They were a pretty amazing breakfast on Sunday.

But we had to go for dessert. We ordered the künafa ashta, filo layered with custard and topped with rose water syrup. I apologize for this photo.


Really good also, though I think I prefer the baklava (I really wanted to try it just to try it).

I also had a harrisa caesar, which was exactly like a regular caesar but included harrisa (a Tunisian hot chili pepper paste) and basil. It had a slightly different spicy taste, and I wouldn’t want that in my caesar all the time, but I enjoyed it.

I really can’t say enough great things about Tabülè. The food is delicious, the portions are decent, the prices are good, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting. I am very much a fan. Highly recommend!


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  1. Yummmmm, love Med foood so much! Chicken skewers are my go to meal.