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Alright, last Cuba post! Food time. Food is interesting everywhere, but I find that people are interested in hearing about the food in Cuba because it varies from resort to resort and can be hit or miss. I have heard horror stories, but thankfully haven’t experienced anything terrible myself. It’s difficult to compare the food to other vacation spots though, because Cuba doesn’t receive the kind of imports other countries do. I talked more about this after our trip last year to the Brisas Guardalavaca in Holguin.

Anyway, the food at the Iberostar Mojito was good, though still Cuba food.  I find all the authentic Cuban food is freakin’ delicious (so good that Evan bought a Cuban cookbook while we were there), but sometimes things can get weird when they try to make dishes they think we like. However, compared to last year the food at this resort was just a bit of a step up. Similar in variety, but the quality of certain items was better (bacon, pizza, pasta, cheese, burgers, soup, etc.)

As soon as we arrived on the resort we noticed a crew setting up a little barbecue beside the pool area…


And they were roasting an entire pig!


Apparently they do these special barbecues on Friday’s and Wednesdays, just an FYI if you’re going there (Cath yo, I am looking at you). We were all over that and it was hands down the best meal we had on the resort the entire week.


Pork, fried bananas, potatoes, rice and beans, and a bun. It was really, really good. This was the first thing we ate and I was all “OMG THE FOOD HERE IS AMAZING!!! BEST FOOD EVER!” but the rest of the food didn’t quite stay at that level…

Live music while we ate also.


Give me all the live music! I can’t get enough.

Next up we have the Italian restaurant, which is out on the lagoon across from the cigar lounge.


To start we had the bruschetta (actually delicious), a caprese salad (which, haha, see below), minestrone soup (which didn’t really seem like minestrone, but was also very good), and bunnns.


We both ordered lasagne for our main.


And aside from that weird cream sauce on the side of the plate that I totally avoided, it was very good. The only thing I can say about it was that the cheese on top had an old stinky cheddar taste, which was a bit weird for lasagne. But it wasn’t like the cheese we had in Cuba last year, which just tasted funny to me. This taste I didn’t mind, it was just surprising.

Our next a la carte adventure was the Gourmet restaurant, also on the lagoon.



I loved that the windows were completely open to the outside. So breezy. I started with a cream of asparagus soup (so good! All the soup I had on the resort was so good!)

For my main I ordered the chicken breast with pumpkin mash and vegetables.


Likely not fresh vegetables, but whatever, it was fine. Evan ordered the fish and raved about it.

We both ordered the tirimisu for dessert but it wasn’t anything noteworthy (honestly I find the dessert never is).

Iberostar Mojito has two snack bars, the pool snack bar…


And the beach snack bar. The beach snack bar has burgers, hot dogs, fries and sandwiches. I didn’t try any of the sandwiches but I saw a little girl with a grilled ham and cheese sandwich and she was going nuts she liked it so much.

Ev and I both ordered burgers from the beach snack bar, and those were good.


We brought our own Heinz Ketchup and Frank’s Red Hot as well, and I am so glad we did.

The snack bar by the pool has all the same items as the beach bar, as well as full meals like chicken breast, pork, and beef, pizza, and even calzones! The Hawaiian pizza was my favourite.


In the above picture is a beef pepito, so just beef on a hot dog bun with onions and peppers. I didn’t really know what it was I was ordering, but it was surprisingly good.

And then we have the buffet.


It didn’t have the most extensive options, but I could always find something to eat that I liked. Breakfast was pretty great.


I started with a donut every morning, because that’s what you do on vacation. And unlike the bacon at our last Cuban resort, this bacon did NOT have coarse grisly hair on it. It was very good bacon. Also omelettes or eggs made to order every morning, as well as french toast, pancakes, and crepes (bit of a line for all of those, but you’re on vacation, where else do you need to be?). There are also hard boiled eggs, and I have been on a big HBE kick lately so I had those for breakfast most days. And the smoothie bar! I began each day with a fresh fruit smoothie.

They had a grill station for lunch and dinner and they would grill any kind of meat or fish for you, so Evan hit that up a lot. A big paella every day. Lots of beans and rice, lots of pork.


A pretty decent tuna salad, and a good selection of fresh vegetables. And the fruit, the pineapple in particular, was ridiculously fresh and delicious.

And the pasta bar. You know I love a good pasta bar.


And it was a good pasta bar. They actually had garlic, onions and oregano. I had pasta at least three times.

I was pretty done with the food by the sixth day, but I’m sure I’d be like that anywhere. I was reading reviews where the people were saying this resort had the best food they experienced in Cuba. Me too! But I only have one other place to compare it to. I also read reviews that said it was the worst food they have ever had, so just watch out for reviews like that. You gotta take them with a grain of salt.

I also need to mention Evan’s new best friend, the churros guy.

He was outside making fresh churros each night and they were DELICIOUS.

So that was the food. Again, not too blow me away amazing, but not too shabby at all. The drinks though! I cannot say enough about them. So many options. Beer, pina coladas, daquiries, mojitos, Bahama Mama’s, etc. etc. and my new go-to drink, vodka lemonade. Delicious.


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  1. I have been waiting for this food review! Sounds like we won’t starve on our week.:) You aren’t the first person who said to bring our own ketchup…need to remember to throw a bottle in the suitcase! My kids are going to love the churros station. I can’t wait to go…countdown is at 11 days!!!

    • Nah, you won’t starve. Ketchup is a must! They do have Ketchup there but it’s more like a tomato paste. I’m so jealous, you are going to have so much fun. Please find Alex in security by the beach and tell him we say hi!!!

  2. texasmelrose2

    YUM! Too bad you started off with the best meal first. Kind of made everything else sort of pale in comparison probably. I bet that pig roast was amazing! The food all looks great. I am so glad it was better than the last resort you guys stayed at. Thank GOD the bacon was hairless this time! Eeek! Man, churros every night…what a dream!

  3. Hi there. Thanks so much for sharing your review. Another Iberostar we stayed at in Varadero had an ice cream stand. Does the Mojito have one as well?

    • No there is no ice cream stand! We stayed at another resort in Holguin that had an ice cream stand also and I definitely missed that. The churro station kind of made up for it though 🙂

      • Too bad but the churro station sounds awesome! I loved reading your comprehensive review. Thanks for the info on the ice cream stand. 🙂
        Have you stayed at Iberostar Laguna Azul in Varadero as well? I’m sort of tossing between that one and the Mojito.

      • I actually haven’t been to Varadero… When I was looking at reviews generally I kept reading that the Cayo Coco beaches are more beautiful (I heard this from a friend we met in Cayo Coco as well, who had been to Veradero the previous year). I don’t know if they are MORE beautiful but they were definitely amazing. So that really sold me. I will definitely go to Veradero one time so I can make a day trip to Havana. I think it depends on what else you are looking for, because if you are planning on going off-resort adventuring a lot then Veradero might be more for you. But relaxing on the beach, Cayo Coco was amazing. I did another review on the resort if you want to check it out:
        And a restaurant off-resort that we visited and had an amazing time at!

        Cuba is amazing, so I’m sure wherever you choose will be great.

      • I read your other review. Very informative. Thanks again!