Lenny’s, Playa Prohibida (and the Pin Pin)

One of our evenings in Cayo Coco we took a break from the resort and cabbed it to Lenny’s Bar and Grill on Playa Prohibida. I kept reading about it in reviews on Trip Advisor and everyone raved about it, so I knew it was a must visit for us.

lennys playa prohibita

It is the cutest beach restaurant, and decorated with license plates from around the world (but mostly Canada). It is called Lenny’s after a Canadian guy who practically lives in Cayo Coco he’s there so often. However, Lenny’s appears to be what the Canadians call it and that name is not known by hotel staff, so if you are planning on going there (and I highly, HIGHLY recommend you do!) you need to tell your hotel you want a cab to Playa Prohibida. Lenny’s is the only thing on the beach. Playa Prohibida sounds all mysterious and prohibited, but it is wonderful.

The cab fare from Iberostar Mojito was $20 CUC and our driver dropped us off and came back to pick us up two hours later. Very convenient, just make sure you agree to pay on return. Our cab driver was awesome, shout out to Vladimir!

At Lenny’s we had a great view of the water, and the sunset.


And a great view of the band!

coco indio

I had read in reviews that there was a live band that played in the evenings, so I asked the owner about it and the next thing I knew these two were serenading Evan and I.

coco indio

This is Julio (pronounced Hoolio) and Junior, two of the members of Coco Indio. They have a third member who sadly wasn’t there that evening, but they are truly amazing. Listening to them in that restaurant by the water was one of the highlights of my trip. They were so good we bought their CD, Pin Pin.

coco indio pin pin

They even let me play the bongos. I was slightly apprehensive about this.

coco indio

Evan took a lovely video. Please note I didn’t know he was taking a video, and I didn’t know what I was doing.

But that is okay. If that video doesn’t work for you, you can click here to watch on youtube.

They kept going on about Pin Pin, one of their songs, and when I asked them what Pin Pin meant they demonstrated with a crotch thrust and started killing themselves laughing. Then they told us if we wanted to have a baby, we just listen to #3 (Pin Pin) on their CD when we’re driving in the car and when we get home it will be a good baby making time … Good to know?

Here’s Pin Pin if you’re interested.

If anyone speaks Spanish and would like to translate that for me I would be very grateful. In the meantime I am assuming it means sensual times.

Julio actually sat down and talked with us for a while and told us about his life in Cuba. Once again very interesting. He told us all about his kids and showed us pictures, so that was cute. I showed him pictures of Winnie.

And dinner! It was amazing! What a great break from the resort food.

lennys playa prohibita

Lobster, shrimp, fish, rice, cabbage and salad. All of it seriously so good.

After that deliciousness, Julio offered to take a romantic picture of us by the water.

False start.

lennys playa prohibita

Here we go.

lennys playa prohibita

I also got a picture with our new friend Julio.

lennys playa prohibita

He’s a good guy.

What a seriously beautiful spot.

lennys playa prohibita

There was a Cuban family dining beside us, and one of the kids went snorkeling and brought back a starfish! Don’t worry, he put it back in the ocean after showing everyone.

Julio and Junior had to catch their bus to take them back into Moron City, and the walk to the bus stop from Lenny’s was 5km so we offered to give them a ride in our cab. Our driver, ol’ Vladimir, had a CD player so I asked him if he would mind playing our new CD, #3 please. Pin Pin. So we cranked Pin Pin, and I sang along in the front (only the chorus) and Julio and Junior sang along in the back and played Evan’s legs like bongos (he was in the middle of them). And then they got out at their bus stop and we said goodbye to our new friends, and Vladimir started Pin Pin over again as he turned to me and said “I just really like this song.” I hear ya, Vlad. I hear ya. Long live Pin Pin.

Evan and I were saying if we ever go back we will be bringing Coco Indio T-shirts with their album cover on the front.

One more vid of Coco Indio, ’cause I just really like them.

And this rooster that was hanging out behind the restaurant, because I have never seen such a magnificent strut.


Legs for dayyyyys

Lenny’s! Go there! And tell Julio his Canadian chums Evan and Lindsey say hi!


8 responses to “Lenny’s, Playa Prohibida (and the Pin Pin)

  1. You always seem to have the absolute best adventures! I seriously want to go adventuring with you sometime! Cuba looks just gorgeous – now that travel restrictions for us Americans have been lifted, might have to put it on my ‘places to go’ list!

  2. I will let you know if that song really works for a “good baby making time”! 😉

  3. I think I officially want to go to Cuba for my next vacation! Thanks! I love reading you but the videos did it for me! Glad you had a great time!

  4. texasmelrose2

    Oh my goodness what a blast! I agree with Kelli…fun and crazy times seem to follow you. I love reading about your adventures. Cuba looks amazing. I bet it has been nice having just Canadians visit there for so long…it doesn’t look too “disturbed” yet. Hopefully it stays that way! The snorkeling looks amazing! I went snorkeling for the first time ever a few weeks ago in Belize…so amazing. You saw way more fish than we did there! I guess we should have brought bread! Glad your camera worked so well and you were able to get great pictures.

    Pin Pin was cracking me up…I guess that is the song to get your groove on to. LOL! I love that you played the bongos…so funny that Evan taped you doing it.

    Your trip looks amazing! So glad you are giving us all the details!

    • Ah yes, I have heard this before… Cuba really is amazing! And you are right, aside from the resorts it is fairly undisturbed. It feels like going back in time. I would love for Americans to be able to enjoy it too, but I really do hope it doesn’t change…for the worse. Because getting some imports over there would definitely improve a lot for them.
      I hope your cruise was amazing!!!