Easter Eating

Oh, eating holidays are the best holidays. Stretchy pants 4ever.


I went for a run outside on Good Friday since it was actually decent out (and the good weather is not lasting quite yet) before heading to my dad and Mona’s with Evan to kick off our weekend of eating. Mona makes a very, very good ham.

Those two retired coconuts have been living the dream in Florida since Christmas and missed my birthday in early March, so they brought out the big guns for a late celebration.


Nothing like a chocolate banana cake. Mona knows the way to my heart. The inside of that thing was perfect.


Just perfect.

Tweety enjoyed watching us eat from his perch in his box.


That cat is gigantic. Like four times the size of Winnie. He’s basically a lion.

Evan made a big breakfast on Saturday morning, and his breakfast included chips!


He sliced potatoes and then fried them in a little pot of olive oil, just like he said his grandpa used to make for him. He even used the pot that his grandpa brought here from Slovenia, because he says it is the pot that makes the chips. I’ll have to take his word for it because they were amazing. They were a good addition to breakfast.


He also made those beans. I enjoy Evan’s cooking, I have mentioned this, yes?

In the late morning we hit the road to Belleville to visit with Evan’s mom and nana. It’s a bit of a hike and it was past lunchtime by the time we arrived and I was getting hungry again. Evan made a quick detour to Nova Deli before my hunger monster could make an appearance (he knows me very well). Nova Deli is a little restaurant he used to frequent in high school, for a maritime donair.


It brought back all the memories for Evan. It is a cute little shop with about six tables and quite an interesting menu. I saw onion rings poutine on there! But I stuck with Evan’s recommendation and got a small donair.


Small, but it was pretty large. I have never tried a donair before. Actually, I didn’t even know what a donair was. It is like a gyro pita with onions, lettuce, tomato, cheese and hot peppers (optional, but I like) and the most amazing secret sauce. The sauce is what made it and I don’t even think I can describe it. It was surprisingly sweet and just added to the other flavours. I was a big fan of the donair. I will be eating that again sometime.

Since we had curry not too long ago at Evan’s nana’s, we decided we shouldn’t make her slave in front of the stove for a day leading up to our visit. Instead we took Evan’s mom and nana out for dinner. We did some googling and decided on Quinte Restaurant. They serve a ton of stuff but their specialties seem to be Greek and Italian. I was in a Greek sort of mood.


And when I am in a Greek sort of mood, I can not resist souvlaki with potatoes and Greek salad. I got the chicken souvlaki combo with pastichio, which is oven baked macaroni noodles with meat sauce and bechamel sauce. It’s at the top and looks like mashed potatoes. I discovered that bechamel sauce is not for me. I could have done without the pastichio, but everything else was delicious. My only complaint about the restaurant was that they were out of saganaki! I really wanted flaming sheep’s cheese! I was excited to introduce Evan’s mom and nana to it as well. Oh well, next time.

We had a fun sleepover at Evan’s nana’s. Those ladies are a good time.

On Sunday we had breakfast at nana’s and then headed to Evan’s dad and Loulou’s for Easter lupper. I was excited for more eating. And my animal friends. Specifically Sasha.


She really is the happiest dog.

And my favourite pal Zeke.


I like that he immediately trots over when he sees me coming.


Hi friend

Such a beautiful donkey.


There have been some new bird additions over there, and some of them have pretty interesting hairstyles going on…


That bird on the left in particular. I am not sure what is going on with his hair there but it reminded me of Devon Sawa circa Casper and Now and Then. Or maybe one of the Stooges (the fourth Stooge, what’s his name…Shemp?). Anyway, that bird was entertaining. We actually almost came home with a bird, but in the end I didn’t think it would be a good idea for Winnie. I see her with the pigeons that come to the balcony sometimes and there is no way she would be able to leave a bird alone. She would sit by the bird and make her guttural “I want to eat you” meowing and drool. I already have enough of a time trying to keep her from eating the plants.

Okay, back to eating. We had quite the delicious Easter dinner.


Pork, sauerkraut, roasted veggies, quinoa with black beans and corn, and bulgar and quinoa. I loved it all.

And mini eggs for dessert!


Just kidding, those are finch eggs. I legit thought they were Mini Eggs though and I almost ate one. And then we cracked one open and it was literally just a mini egg. Like a regular chicken egg but with the teeniest little yolk.

It was a good Easter with this guy and our fam’s!


Although I missed my mom (and her cooking) and Eric, as I always do around the holidays.

Oh, also found this gem in my travels…


What a little muffin.


3 responses to “Easter Eating

  1. Thank you Lindsey for your kind words. We enjoyed having you and the “muffin” come for a visit. You guys make a cute couple!
    Have loads of fun on your Cuba trip.

  2. Oh man. You know how to celebrate Easter with family! It’s just like Christmas.

    And in Australia, our version of Donairs are Doner Kebabs and they are way more popular than Gyros. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Gyro. They are the classic late night munchie. Or anytime food really 😉 Usually you have beef, lamb, chicken or falafel with tomato, onion, lettuce, tabouleh, cheese, hummus and garlic sauce on a Lebanese flat bread and it’s rolled up and toasted. SO GOOD.

    And that so sucks that Bechamel sauce doesn’t agree with you 🙁 Or you just didn’t like it? Lasagne, man, lasagne!!!

    • Oh man, doner kabobs sound delicious. Yeah, more doesn’t agree with me on the bechamel sauce, sometimes things that are too creamy upset my stomach. Which is too bad because I think I’d like it otherwise!