Eating All the Oysters at Oyster Boy Toronto

On Friday night I had quite an eating extravaganza with my coworker friend Kathryn and our pal Kelly. Kelly worked with us on a contract for a bit, which is how we met her, and now she is our friend.


Kelly, Kathryn, moi

I liked Kelly the second I met her, and I have to tell you, she is a good friend to have around… She happens to be a shareholder of Oyster Boy on Queen West in Toronto, and Oyster Boy happens to be one of the best oyster houses in the city. Kathryn and I had been planning a night out with her, and when she asked us if wanted to meet her at Oyster Boy we were all in.


ALL IN. Please note I am going to sound like a broken record throughout this post, because there are only so many ways you can describe absolute deliciousness, and everything we had was absolutely delicious. We started with the dozen oysters above, and on that platter are Saint Simon oysters from New Brunswick, Kusshi oysters from the west coast in BC, and the smaller ones on the top are Valentine oysters, also from the west coast. All were amazing. I could sit and eat raw oysters for hours and hours.

Oyster Boy takes their oysters very seriously, and the staff (and Kelly) are extremely knowledgeable about all the different types, and where they come from and how they are farmed.

Next up Kelly told us we needed to try the baked oysters. We were down.


These are baked with rustico gruyere cheese and breadcrumbs. Ridiculous. Just so good. I feel like I need to get in the oyster business myself so I can eat these little mollusks of amazingness all the time.

And then came the deep fried oysters…


Beer battered and panko crusted, with a horseradish sauce on the side (I think you can also get a ranch sauce on the side). I loved.

Although Oyster Boy specializes in oysters (who knew?), they have quite a few other seafood treats on their menu. I knew going into our evening that I was going to need to try the New England style seafood chowder.


Which was all sorts of creamy and did not disappoint.

We also sampled the Sturgeon Ceviche and taro chips.


Which was sea scallops in a cilantro lime dressing. I loved those too.

And the crab dip. Which was also…


…you guessed it, delicious.

The wine had been flowing as well, and by that point I was already too full… But I soldiered on, as one does in this situation. Kathryn ordered the fish tacos, so I had some of those…


In fresh tortillas served with pico de gallo, crema & avocado.

For my main I ordered the tuna steak.


Which was delicious but I was too full to finish. I packed that baby up and it was still good the next morning as a second breakfast. The tuna was done perfectly.

And then the three of us topped the evening off by sharing this delectable brownie.


Also good, but at that point I thought I might explode so I didn’t have the capacity to fully appreciate it.

It was the most delicious evening imaginable. The perfect eating experience. I would have been ecstatic just to eat raw oysters all night long, but the addition of everything else blew my mind. The company was pretty amazing also, the three of us had the best time.

Until next time Oyster Boy! Because there has to be a next time. I wish I lived next door. And if you are on Queen West and looking for a cute little oyster spot, go there!


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  1. That looks amazing!!!!! Wow!

  2. wow!!! All of it looks AMAZING!!!

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    OMG yum! Everything looks unreal!