Friday Food Stuff

Just an update on the delicious food in my life lately.

I’m still obsessed with pho.


Can’t get enough. I’ve been eating it at least once a week. There is a great Vietnamese place near my work, Pho Do Thi, that I’ve been hitting up. Just a tip if you are getting pho beef soup for takeout – ask for your beef to be cooked well done. If you are eating your soup in the restaurant the hot broth will take care of cooking your beef, but for takeout orders pho places typically give you everything separately (e.g. beef, noodles, vegetables, and broth). I find by the time I get back to my office and assemble everything, my broth isn’t quite hot enough to cook my beef to my liking. I’m sure it’s safe to eat either way, I’ve never felt sick after eating my pho soup, but I like my beef to be a bit more well done (unless we are talking steak, and then medium rare all the way).

A couple of weekends ago we spent the night at Evan’s nana’s in Belleville, so you know what that means… Lentils and curry!!!!


We were celebrating Evan’s mom’s birthday that weekend, and she requested curry for her birthday dinner. I think I am going to have to start requesting it for my own birthday dinner. Evan’s nana really makes the best curry, and I could eat her yellow coconut rice every day of my life. Brotherman was also in attendance, so he made his famous Brotherman’s Slaw. It’s been a while since I’ve had it and I forgot how good it is. Evan and I are going to have to start making that.

We brought Evan’s nana back with us the next day as she was planning on staying for a couple of weeks with her sister (Auntie Booj as the boys call her) who lives near us. To repay her for her delicious curry dinner, we invited Nana and Auntie Booj for dinner at our place.


I take no credit for this dinner, all I did was bake the bread that came frozen in a package. Roast beef and vegetables in the crockpot, Evan’s bean salad (whole green beans cooked and tossed in garlic, oil and vinegar and then cooled), pickles, horseradish beet slaw that Evan picked up at a European deli (really good), and PC cheddar and herb buns. Delicious. The ladies were raving about it. I was telling my coworker about this dinner and she was all “If I lived with Evan I think I’d be about 400 pounds.” I know. It’s tricky not to be. Thankfully he usually cooks healthy foods.

One night last week for dinner, Evan and I decided to check out an Afghan restaurant called Bamyan Kabob. We had been driving by it for months and always commented that we needed to go there, so we finally made it.


I got the tandoori chicken kabob, and Evan got the kofta kabob (lean ground beef), both came with rice, salad, and two huge pieces of delicious naan bread. God I love carbs. It was really good, especially the rice actually, it was very interestingly spiced. We were trying really hard to figure out what the spices were and I think it was the addition of cinnamon that threw us off. I would never think of adding cinnamon to my rice, but somehow it worked. Evan was obsessed with it and I will bet good money that he is going to try to recreate that rice spice at some point.

And yesterday Evan was working in my area so we decided to meet up for lunch. He has been raving about this German grocery store with a huge deli that would be a convenient distance for both of us, Brandt Meats, so that’s where we went.


Cabbage roll, beets, and potatoes for me, shnitzel for Evan (obviously I had some of that), and some giant pretzels on the side. Ahh European food, I love you! My cabbage roll was so good! You know, up until a few years ago I really did not like beets, but now pickled beets make me very happy.

The deli also had a crazy dessert display, so many pastries. So could not pass that up.


A cookie that tasted very close to one of the strawberry sugar Peak Freans, and an apple strudel.

Okay and one last thing… Evan’s nana and Aunti Booj brought this PC butter chicken lasagna over for us when they came for dinner the other night.


Interesting combination, but okay. We busted into it last night for dinner. I wasn’t sure what I was going to think about it, but you know what? Not bad! My first bite was weird because I forgot what I was supposed to be eating and my brain and tastebuds were not on the same page – is this lasagna, or is this butter chicken? But after that I just went with it and had an enjoyable experience. I think we might be buying it again in the future.

And that is food lately! Have a great weekend!


9 responses to “Friday Food Stuff

  1. Has the Whole 30 ship sailed? Or are you guys still partially doing that. Oh, and I loooove German giant pretzels. They don’t mess around those Germans.

    • Hah, yeah… Well according to this post the ship has sunk. I am back to eating mostly normally but I’ve had some takeaways from that experience: I am eating way less dairy, minimal processed foods (ignore the butter chicken lasagna, that was a gift), and less bread. I’m definitely consuming less added sugar also (no more sugar in my coffee), but I’m eating a handful of peanut butter M&M’s as I’m typing this so…haha. Whatever, it’s Friday. The biggest thing that has changed is my breakfast every day now is two hard boiled eggs + a banana with cashews and coconut chips, as opposed to oatmeal, my old standby.

      I think I might have to do the Whole30 again one day though, because I’ve already forgotten how good I felt on it.

      • Did you know that 2 eggs has more cholesterol in it than you should have in one day? Yeah, just found that out last week as I have been eating a hard boiled egg for breakfast every day too and my cholesterol is 253!!! I’m basically dead. 300mg a day is recommended and I was around 400-500mg. *sniff* I love you eggs. So, I just switched to egg whites and am going to check the ole cholesterol again in a couple months. #themoreyouknow

      • Hey, Y U tell me this?! I thought the cholesterol in eggs thing was debunked and whole eggs are good and you should eat them all the time. Gah, health…Y U so confusing.

  2. texasmelrose2

    You guys eat the best food ever! I am so hungry after reading this! I love that you try all different types of food…so yummy! Evan’s Nana’s curry sounds amazing and I am drooling over that cabbage roll! Ah, is it dinner time yet?! I am doing the whole low carb (boring) thing right no so no matter what I eat it is just not satisfying like that Naan bread! (Next week we will be on a cruise so I will be eating ALL the carbs. LOL) I love your food posts!

  3. We are obsessed with pho too! When we get it take out, we have the same problem with the temp of the soup not getting hot enough to cook the meat. Turns out, you’re supposed to dump it all in a bowl and microwave it. 🙂

    And now I NEED curry and apple strudel… Your food posts always do this to me! 😀