IKEA Dressers and Birthday Ballroom Bowling

I kicked this weekend off right with a little IKEA breakfast action on Saturday morning.


First time I’ve ever had breakfast at IKEA but probably not the last. $3.50 for eggs, bacon, sausage, homefries, two pancakes and coffee?! Yowza. That is a deal and half. Is it real food? Probably not. But it was alright and it got the job done.

We were at IKEA to pick up a new dresser, and FINALLY is all I have to say about that. I have been living without an actual dresser for quite some time now and I miss that extra storage in my life. I do have a shelving unit in my closet but it’s just not doing the trick anymore. I want a dresser. It’s time.

So we bought our dresser, came home and tackled putting that sucker together. If you have ever assembled anything from IKEA I’m sure you know exactly how fun that was.


Evan likes it.

Not very. But, two and half hours and a few splinters later we had this beautiful specimen:


Evan gets to rent two drawers.

I love it. I’m so excited about it. It is very sturdy and actually real wood! At my old apartment I had one of those slat dressers from IKEA that was mainly particle board and it fell apart within a few months. This one though, it’s a huge step up. We also reinforced everything with wood glue, Evan’s idea (obviously not mine), so hopefully it holds up. I spent another hour on Saturday and most of the day on Sunday organizing my closet and my tower of plastic junk drawers full of makeup and hair gear that I don’t use. Man, did that feel good. So glad I did it.

Saturday night Evan and I headed downtown to celebrate my good friend Joanna’s birthday!



Jo is beside me in that saucy white number.

A bunch of us met at Milestones to celebrate Jo’s big day, which I was pretty pumped about because you know I love Milestones. I have been invited to two of their menu tastings now, and I had a really good time at both of them. This time I decided to go with the red curry chicken.


I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t my favourite thing I’ve had from there. And it was no Evan curry, that is for sure.

Dessert was absolutely fantastic though. Evan and I split the sampler.


From left: ganache torte (the pecan crust was to die for, it was my favourite), toasted marshmallow ice cream, blueberry tiramisu, peanut butter & jelly cheesecake. All of it was SO GOOD.

I also had some of Joanna’s white chocolate cheesecake.


The beautiful birthday girl!

Also quite a yumfest. Milestones is definitely doing dessert right.

After dinner we walked across the street to The Ballroom Bowl, a bowling alley that kind of turns into a club on weekend nights. They also play sports on big screens above the lanes.


The Ballroom was packed. I’m surprised we got a lane. When we were leaving there was a lineup halfway around the building. But we were early because we’re old now (and because some of the girls were actually going clubbing afterwards).

Bowling was a fun time, and I wasn’t as bad as I expected to be! Though I continue to struggle with finding a ball that is suitable for my fat little Simpson fingers. I’d get a custom ball made but since I’ve been 10 pin bowling exactly 3 times in my life it doesn’t seem like a wise investment.

Evan won at bowling, because he is good at things.


He scored that sweet medal and 1st place ribbon, and also a Starbucks gift card! Joanna’s so cute, she brought prizes for all the winners.


From left: Corey with his 2nd place ribbon, then we have Emily with an honourable mention ribbon because she got bit by a cat earlier that day and her right hand was super swollen so she had to bowl with her left (she was a serious trooper), Joanna’s sister Liz came in third, and Evan was the big wiener.

That bowling alley was a good time and I liked it so much better than a typical club. I like to do activities. It was a good idea!


I hope Jo had a good bday. She had a few last minute cancellations because people were sick (tis the season) and I may have been raving about how I’ve managed to avoid getting sick all winter, and then I spent pretty much the entire day on Sunday sneezing with a stuffy nose. Of course. I shouldn’t have said anything. I am hoping it was just allergies due to the dust when I was cleaning… Fingers crossed!


5 responses to “IKEA Dressers and Birthday Ballroom Bowling

  1. i think you’re old dresser broke so quickly because we had a lot of wine while we built it?

  2. Long time lurker, I don’t think I have ever commented before but I couldn’t resist this time: I wanted to pass along a warning about Emily’s cat-bitten hand – my dad got bitten by our house cat a few years ago and nearly lost his hand. In the end it required some surgery and he was able to keep his hand, but he has reduced flexibility and usage now. All of this occurred because he didn’t go to a doctor until the next day despite his hand being very swollen and inflamed the day of the injury. Please make sure your friend Emily has at least seen a doctor and isn’t treating the bite herself. Since cat bites are puncture wounds, it’s very hard to get the bacteria out of the depth of the wound and infection is significantly more likely and more severe. I hope her hand heals up quickly!

    • Thank you so much for your concern about Emily. Geez, that is nuts. Cat bites are seriously scary, I had no idea! None of us did, but Em’s hand just continued to swell up so she went to the ER immediately after bowling. They put her on a bunch of antibiotics, so hopefully she will be all good.

      Thank you for coming out of lurkdom!

  3. texasmelrose2

    Ikea is so fun! I can never resist their meatballs! I guess I need to go earlier to get that amazing (almost free) breakfast! (Is it pathetic that I think first of the food at a furniture store lol). Your dresser is great and thank goodness Evan has patience. He probably whipped that thing together in no time…so handy!
    The birthday party looks awesome and it amazes me that anyone can wear those hot half shirts while sitting down…Jo pulled it off amazingly! That bowling alley looks awesome too! How fun that she brought prizes for everyone!