This again? But I just did this yesterday!

There are certain things that need to happen every day that I wish I could just skip. Like I just did that yesterday, do I have to do that exact thing again today? Why can’t I just do it once and it applies for the rest of the week?

The biggest example is getting ready for work in the morning. Showering, getting dressed, putting on makeup (the worst), brushing my teeth. I am always like ugh, this again? I just did this yesterday!

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Someone needs to make this happen.

I have even pared my makeup routine down to mascara and a teensy bit of blush and I still dread doing it every morning.

Then there is driving to work, getting stuck in traffic in the exact same spot every morning. Seriously, again? I did this yesterday!


Figuring out what to make for dinner. And then making dinner. I just freakin’ made dinner yesterday! Do I really have to make dinner AGAIN?

Making my lunch for work the next morning. I ALREADY DID THIS YESTERDAY. 

(Yes I realize that I technically could do all my cooking and lunch making on Sunday and then I wouldn’t have to figure it out every evening, but that cuts into Sunday leisure time which is very important. )

And, running on the treadmill. It’s been three times a week lately, and every time I get on that treadmill I’m all but I already ran this week. Why does this need to happen again?


The struggles. They are real.


16 responses to “This again? But I just did this yesterday!

  1. In case you’re wondering what Marge says after he shoots her with the makeup gun…”Homey, you have it set on whore!”

    You’re welcome.

  2. It is nice out! Get the hell off that treadmill!

  3. Um… this is 100% spot on. Especially the waking up in the morning and getting ready. Sometimes I am like geez I may as well just put on the same outfit I wore yesterday! haha. And the dinner!! I am not organized enough to plan out the whole week ahead of time for cooking 🙂 If only!

    • I hear ya, sometimes I just want to sleep in what I’m planning on wearing the next day so I don’t have to worry about it in the morning.
      Also, I am glad you’re back to blogging!!! I missed you!

  4. Do you like zombies? (I feel like you like zombies. Or maybe that’s just me and I’m projecting again.) If you like zombies, check out the app Zombies, Run! It’s so much fun and the story is pretty addictive. You can listen to your own music in between the story bits. And – of course – when there are zombies you have to run faster.

    (And – if I’m *not* projecting, and you really do like zombies – you should also check out the podcast We’re Alive at . I seem to recall you were looking for more story-podcasts a few weeks ago.)

    If you don’t like zombies, please ignore this entire comment.

    • I saw this comment and I got really excited that maybe you were blogging again. I could go for some clay baboons in my life!

      I love zombies!!! I have heard about this app before but never paid much attention to it. Thank you for the rec, it sounds awesome. I am definitely checking it out.

      And definitely still on a hunt for podcasts, so will check that out too. Merci!

      • OF COURSE we can be friends!!!! I sent you an email. It will probably go to your junk mail. You should open it, because – despite the suspicious title that makes it sound like it might be from either a Nigerian banker or a pretty Russian lady named Irena who is looking for man of life – it’s from me.

  5. Oh totally. I swear I work out once and think “why am i not skinny?”. And I night shower because my least favourite thing to do ever is blow dry my hair. Weird, I know. But it seems like a waste of ten minutes every morning when it just dries on its own the night before. 🙂

    • EVERY. TIME. I work out that is how I am. I just ran for half an hour, why am I not super svelte now?

      Luckily I have really easy hair that looks the same (straight and flat) whether I blow dry it or let it air dry, so I don’t have to do much with it. It always looks the same, but at least it’s easy. I cannot imagine spending time on my hair, I feel you!

  6. texasmelrose2

    YES TO ALL OF THIS! Add in getting the kids ready in the morning also. 5 days in a row is just too much! When will the workday (and school I guess) be reduced to 4 days for all?! Yeah I know…never. Sigh. How many more years to retirement? Great post, Lindsey!

    • Oh man, I can barely get myself ready in the morning, I can’t imagine having kids. Annnnd this is when I am reminded that my life is actually quite leisurely and I really have nothing to complain about 🙂