Koreatown Birthday

This weekend was my birthday weekend! Yesterday I turned the big 3-2. I don’t really have any feelings about it. But I do have feelings about this cake.


I may have intimate feelings for that cake… Reese’s! Evan did very well.

My official “birthday party” (you are never too old to have one) is next weekend though, a bunch of us are going axe throwing. Yes, you read that right. We are learning how to throw axes at a target and then participating in a tournament. Doesn’t sound dangerous at all. Definitely more on that once it happens because it looks ridiculous. So, compared to the axe throwing this weekend was pretty low key. Still good though, and still included some birthday activities.

On Saturday evening, Evan and I went out for dinner in Koreatown with Brotherman, Kelly, and Evan’s friends Ian, Jeff and Jeff’s wife Sydney.


They are a good group. We were debating between Sunrise House (where we ate last time we went for Korean food) and Ka Chi right by Honest Ed’s. Ka Chi won, and I knew as soon as I walked in there that I was going to like it. Ka Chi kind of has a dim pub feel, whereas many Korean restaurants are super bright and feel more like a coffee shop. I don’t mind that either, but this felt more intimate.

We started with a pitcher of Amsterdam’s Boneshaker IPA. And tea.


Thumbs up to both of those. Hot tea and cold beer may seem like an awkward combination, but I like.

I think my favourite thing about Korean restaurants is the side dishes.


They come as soon as you order, so you can essentially be eating the entire time you’re seated if you play that right. From left: seaweed, kimchi, rice, glass noodles, raddish, kimchi zucchini. I love it all! Well, except the seaweed, it had a rubbery texture that threw me off a bit. But I was loving everything else.

We also shared some pan fried chicken dumplings.


And a big plate of hot kimchi pork for our table.


I can’t even describe how good that was. I have said this before, but Koreans do pork right. It is thinly sliced and sauced perfectly and it is better than any other pork I’ve ever had.

For my main dish, I was heavily torn between a hot bowl of bibimbap (rice topped with vegetables, meat, and an egg) and pork bone soup. I have never tried pork bone soup before and everyone was saying how delicious it was, so I had to give ‘er a try.


So glad I did. It was hard work getting all the pork off the bone, and it was definitely a hair up kind of task. But I persevered and eventually had a bowl full of meaty goodness.


Really good. Perfect winter soup right there.

After dinner we rolled over to Pat Mart (Korean supermarket) to pick up a few things, and also do some exploring. I really enjoyed walking around in there and looking at all the different kinds of food. I also enjoyed these signs:


Kim Yuna I am assuming…


Well of course MJ loves bibimbap. Everyone loves bibimbap!

On the way out we grabbed some tasty sweet fish pastries.


They are not actually stuffed with fish and really have nothing to do with fish at all, so I am not sure why they are shaped like a fish…but it works. They have different flavours like red bean, black bean, etc. but we bought half a dozen filled with custard.


That fish was SO GOOD. Best fried custard fish I’ve ever had.

So that was my Korean birthday dinner, and if you haven’t had authentic Korean pork you need to get on that right now. Pretty sure I am going to need to find some for lunch today…


7 responses to “Koreatown Birthday

  1. Happy Belated! I’m not a fan of kimchi but I love me some bulgogi like no one’s bizniss! I would probably get down with that fish as well.

    • I didn’t like kimchi until recently, actually… Kelly’s mom (who lives in Korea) gave us some of her homemade kimchi and that really turned things around for me. I don’t love store bought kimchi, but when it is done right I can get down with it.
      Oh bulgolgi is delicious. We may have to go on a Koreatown adventure when you come visit.

  2. Nancy McCartney

    Happy Belated Birthday wishes Lindsey and further celebrating!

  3. Happy belated birthday, Lindsey!! I loveeeeee Korean food and those side dishes are my fave. Especially the potatoes, which I’m not sure if you got at the place you went to? Yummmm.

  4. texasmelrose2

    Happy Belated birthday Lindsey! Looks like it was a good one and Axe throwing sounds like a blast! I cannot wait to hear all about that adventure! The pork Kimchi looks awesome…I have never had it but there is a restaurant up the street with great Yelp reviews that serves it. I guess I am going need to get on that really soon! Hope year 32 is the best one yet!