Thank you, you got nice ____.

Monday was a holiday in Ontario, Family Day, so I took the opportunity to visit my saucy 100-and-a-half-year-old Nana. When I got to her nursing home it was afternoon TV time, so she was sitting in a big leather recliner in the main room with some of the other residents. I pulled up a seat next to her for a catch-up chat.

A few feet away, a man was sitting in his wheelchair. I would estimate him to be about 90 years old.


He dropped his mug…


And was in a bit of a panic about it. The nurses were busy tending to someone else across the room and no one seemed to be paying attention to him, so I got up to help him out.

cartoon-man3 cartoon-man4 cartoon-man5 cartoon-man6

And then…


I was caught VERY off guard and I did not know what to do, so…


Because what do you say to that?

And then I turned away and burst out laughing.

I sat back down with the Nanners to continue our conversation. She nor anyone else had heard the nice t*ts exchange. Five minutes later…


Not this time, buddy.


16 responses to “Thank you, you got nice ____.

  1. I would have been like, “right?” and high-fived him. That is the proper response. Thank you is a close second. Next time pick the mug up in the other direction and see what he has to say about your buns.

  2. Nancy McCartney

    That is hilarious Lindsey!!!

  3. hahaha! OMG!!!!!! This is too funny

  4. So funny Lindsey! There is a reason they are called “dirty old men”!

  5. That is sooooo funny! Glad that Nana is almost deaf too!

  6. I will not stop laughing about this for a long, long time.

    One of the last times I went out with my grandfather before he passed away, I’d taken him to Swiss Chalet (he looooooved Swiss Chalet). Anyway, the waitress was wearing a short, white pleated skirt so it sort of twirled every time she turned and one time when she walked away my Grandpa said “that’s a cute skirt”. I laughed so hard. And he said “what? I”m not dead! Women are still cute when I’m old.”

  7. I’ve followed and loved your blog for a long time but have never commented before. Just thought I’d say you’re great and this post made me literally lol.

  8. Hilarious Linds!!!!! I can just see it unfolding !!!!!!

  9. Ha! You made his day!

  10. Thank you so much. I am glad the old man story enticed you into commenting!

  11. Ha. That’s pretty funny.

  12. O M G that is hilarious! Gotta love old men. I think they realize they are so old they can get away with it without getting slapped. Nicely played, Gramps! 😀 Oh, and I love when you post your drawings!!! Thanks!