Druxy’s, I Love You

I love Druxy’s deli.

My Love

I have always been a fan, but my love definitely increased about two years ago when my office moved to a new locale and I discovered that there is a Druxy’s actually inside of our new building, and directly below my office (I smell it all day long). I started to frequent Druxy’s often, and developed a bit of an obsession.

And they love me too!

Twitter Proof

Druxy’s has unlimited toppings (and literally every topping imaginable) for sandwiches and salads. They also have create-your-own grilled cheese (with a wide variety of cheeses), chili, and delicious soups. What I love the most about Druxy’s, is that they have SO many healthy options! I love knowing that if I forget my lunch, I can still grab a quick nutritious meal. Druxy’s is basically my dream. (Disclaimer: No, I do not work for Druxy’s, nor did they pay me to write this.)

I pack my lunch close to daily (except the first month in our new building when I ate at Druxy’s every day ;)), but I have been known to wander downstairs at noon in search of a little lunch supplement…usually in the form of soup (they usually have two options each day under 100 calories, so it’s a good addition to my salad).

Druxy's Soups Of The Day (Tuesday)

I opted for the Ministrone to supplement my homemade salad on Tuesday.

Today I actually had a lunch date with some coworkers in Druxy’s, so I headed downstairs armed with this bad boy:

Free Salad!

A coupon for a free salad, just for liking them on Facebook! Pretty sweet deal.

The salad bar is pretty elaborate. Basically any vegetable you could ever imagine putting in a salad is an option, plus tons of nut and seed options. It’s amazing.

My Spread

My salad today consisted of baby spinach, broccoli, cauliflower, tomato, cucumber, green and red pepper, carrots, celery, green onion, beets, chick peas, swiss cheese, and flax seeds, with roasted red pepper and garlic dressing. I love salad beasts like this. It was absolutely huge, but I still got a small cream of garden broccoli soup on the side (which I could barely eat I was so full after my salad). Today I splurged and got a small chocolate milk as well (I usually stick to water, but I felt like I needed a little somethin’ chocolatey).

Close Up of Yumminess

Have you ever seen a more delicious looking salad? I doubt it.

I also snagged a little treat in celebration of Chinese New Year from my fave Druxy’s employee:

Happy Chinese New Year!

I was so full that I actually skipped my afternoon snack!

Sorry for the PSA here, but I am bursting with love for Druxy’s today. My lunch was just that good :D.

What’s your favourite healthy fast food restaurant?