Toronto Waterfront 10k Recap

Back in March I signed up to run my first 10k race, the Toronto Waterfront 10k, and this past Saturday was the day!



I have run several 5k races in the past, but that’s all I’ve done as far as “racing” goes. If you can call that racing. I was apprehensive about the distance as 10k is actually the furthest I have ever run before. It was a real big deal and I have been training for it for the past several months.

Initially I followed the Couch to 10k app on my phone, until I got past the 5k distance and then at the end of April I switched to Hal Higdon’s novice 10k training plan. I really liked doing Couch to 5k to get me started, but once I got past the 5k mark going to 10k was difficult because of the amount of time required. It was getting to the point where every run was 60+ minutes and it was difficult to fit that in three times a week, especially when the weather was getting hotter. I found Hal Higdon’s plan much better as I got closer to race time, not that I followed it to a T. I didn’t exactly do the strength training and I didn’t always do the full long run distance (I am so weak-willed sometimes…especially when it’s really hot and humid out).

Anyway, the longest distance I ran before the 10k was 8k, and at a pretty slow pace, so for the 10k I didn’t really know what to expect of myself. My 5k PR is just over 30 minutes, but 10k is a different beast. I doubted I could do it in an hour. And then last week I suddenly got really, really sick. I am talking threw up for nearly 8 hours straight, plus a fever. That kind of sick. The sickest I’ve ever been in my adult life and I thought I had food poisoning, possibly from the wedding, but it only happened to me so it looks like it was just the flu. Fun!

Needless to say, that left me drained and weak. The worst of my sickness was on Wednesday, so by Friday morning I was starting to feel human again and decided I was still going to run the race. But I dropped any sort of time goal. I was running with my good friend Melissa (who I blew across the lake with, and you may remember her from her ridiculously fun Jack and Jill, and then her wedding this past November), and she is in the same running boat as me. We’re pretty equally matched.

She slept over on Friday night (I was feeling back to normal by then but we had too much wine and stayed up too late talking, maybe not the best of ideas), and we got up at 5:30am on Saturday, made our way downtown, and promised each other that we would do whatever it took to run the entire thing together. Even if it was at a super slow pace!


We also met up with my friends Michelle and Casey (this race was Michelle’s idea in the first place, I cursed her at times but now I’m glad she got me to do it).


At 7:45am we were off! It was HOT, and it was humid, and that wasn’t awesome, but for some reason I felt awesome. We started off running down Yonge Street to Lakeshore and that part was a bit of a downhill and it may have had something to do with this, but I felt better than I have ever felt while running. I was chatting to Melissa and Michelle and around km 3 or so and I remember thinking that I wasn’t even out of breath (Missy and I stayed with Michelle for the first 5k, Casey took off like a gazelle immediately ’cause she is freakin SPEEDY). That was crazy to me because normally I can’t hold a convo while running. I don’t think. I only really run by myself and I don’t really talk to myself, but I really didn’t think I could. My friend Emily texted me while I was running and I just responded with this selfie:


Feeling good! Until about 6k when I started to deteriorate. At km 7 we had a turn around and were running directly into the sun and I went rapidly downhill. There’s a big uphill around there too which was not my favourite. 8k was the worst. I really wanted to stop and walk and I know Melissa was right there with me, but we soldiered on!

I am so happy to report that we ran the entire race, no walking, no stopping — though we ran super slowly through the water stations while dumping water down our throats, and onto ourselves. Gah, it was hot. We finished in 1:14:16 and I am super happy with that time!




Afterwards we found Michelle, Casey and their friend Stephanie. We were all proud of ourselves. That Casey man, she ran it in 55:07. Crazy. Maybe one day…


I think I caught the running bug. I am already thinking of what 10k I could do next (I’m not ready for a half marathon yet, if ever, but 10k I can do!).

Afterwards we went out for brunch at Hunter’s Landing. I have seen a picture of their recovery Caesar before and I knew I had to have it, even though it wasn’t 11am yet and they weren’t serving alcohol. I was okay with a virgin one. The garnishes made up for the lack of vodka.


I always say I like Caesars because they are a drink and a snack all in one… In addition to your usual spicy bean, celery stick and olive, this Caesar included sausage, cheese, bacon, pizza slice and a freakin lobster tail.


Ridiculous. I loved it.

And then I went to a fish fry party with my friends and spent the rest of the day eating, but more on that later!


Mutual Weirdness Forever

Last week we celebrated the wedding of the beautiful and weird Melissa (Melon) and Kyle!


Ah, young love.

The wedding happened during the week so unfortunately Evan and I had to work and we missed the ceremony. I’m sad about that but we arrived just before dinner started and if you ask me that is the best time to arrive to anything.



Evan was looking SHARP. I like the cut of his jib.

The wedding was in the beautiful countryside of northern Pickering, and actually took place at a biker club. That sounds like it would be a weird spot for a wedding (though everything about the wedding was pretty weird so not really a big surprise there), but it really added to the whole experience. The grounds were beautiful and the night was hilarious. Perfect all around.




My weirdo and I

It was quite the party with all our friends!




Most of my closest friends were in attendance and it was so much fun to hang out with everyone. I mentioned this in the bachelorette post but Melon is my good pal Dawn’s younger sister, so we have all known and loved her since she was just a little tyke. She has grown into a beautiful lady!


I looooved her dress. She was stunning. Kyle was alright too;)

This was the first wedding I’ve been to since Evan and I got engaged and although I have always loved weddings, this one made me so excited for my own! (I’ll have to do an update on wedding planning, but the gist of it is, I am so excited to actually get married but planning is more annoying than I expected and I wish that part was over.)

I took no pictures of dinner but it was totally overshadowed by the dessert because OMG OMG OMG.


Dawn and Melon’s mom Brennie is baker extraordinaire and went on a serious baking mission for the wedding. The spread was ridiculous. I could not get enough.





Perhaps you can see where Dawn and Melon get their sense of humour from. I can’t wait to see what Scarlett (Dawn’s daughter) is like when she grows up. She’ll be the next generation of weirdness.


It was a gorgeous night, but we hung out inside for a bit as well. We obviously had to check out the clubhouse. Kyle’s dad is VP or something of the club, so hence why the wedding was here (though it would be an amazing venue for anyone and I think they should start renting it out!)

I always assumed the Sons of Anarchy was sort of cliche and didn’t really portray an accurate motorcycle club (not that I know anything about them), but after this night I have a bit of a different opinion. It felt like Sons of Anarchy inside that clubhouse. Some of the bikers were around (they were the bartenders, haha) and each of them totally could have been a character on the show.


They were SUPER nice. They answered all our annoying questions and made the bull’s skull blow smoke out its nose every time we asked.


Pretty cool.

We spent most of the evening outside though. With the usual suspects in attendance you know the usual shenanigans went down…


There were some weird props around, like giant antlers, and one of them was a giant dinosaur head that you could put on your own head.


It was the size of a person and it was highly entertaining to watch people on the dance floor staggering around wearing that thing.


Other highlights included an ice sculpture…


And launching sky lanterns…


Such an awesome wedding activity. And it is a lot more difficult to get them to take flight than you would think.

It was a really, really great night. One of the most fun weddings I’ve ever been to. (And I wasn’t even drinking! Well, just a couple.)


Congrats again Melon and Kyle, you weirdos!!!



First Cottage Weekend of the Season

This weekend was our first cottage weekend of the year! Yeahhhhhh! I was really excited about it, I’ve been looking forward to it since…well, probably October, our last cottage weekend. It’s just so beautiful and peaceful up there.


And quite a change to go from listening to traffic and car horns and what sounds like people street racing outside your window at night, to listening to extremely loud bullfrogs and crickets. I grew up in the country and I miss hearing those noises, though I’m surprised how quickly I got used to the noises of the city. Used to, but they’re not my favourite.

Anyway, before we hit up the cottage on Friday we celebrated my good pal Emily’s birthday with all our friends and all-you-can-eat sushi (last year we celebrated with Paula and Fabian!!!). I accidentally left my phone in the car but just picture a sh*t ton of sushi and you get it. It was plentiful and delicious. Afterwards a bunch of us continued the party and did an escape room at Durham Region Escape in Whitby. We decided to do a guys vs girls thing and I am very sorry to report that somehow the girls did not escape. I am even more sorry to report that the guys did escape.


So, F you guys.


I suspected they might escape with Evan on their team. I am just going to say that we were all too full from the sushi to be able to properly concentrate. Okay, and ours was legitimately difficult — the girls’ room only had a 14% escape rate and the guys room was 20%! I think we can use that as an excuse. But it’s fine that we sucked. It was fun.

Afterwards, it was cottage time. We didn’t end up getting there until about 11:30 so we pretty much just went to bed. We initially wanted to bring the little Tilly kitty with us, but dinner and escape room were about an hour from the city in the direction of the cottage so it wouldn’t have made sense to go back home after to pick up the crazy. Instead we had a neighbour come and hang out with her for the weekend. Apparently they super bonded and Tilly had some new toys when we came home on Sunday, so it looks like they had fun. Next time she’ll be comin!

On Saturday morning I headed out for a run before it got too hot. It didn’t work, it was already super hot and humid by 7:30am and I felt sluggish. I wanted to do 8k (it was my last “long” run before my 10k this coming Saturday), but unfortunately I had a bit of a bathroom emergency and had to cut it short. I ended up doing 6k but ya know, with the heat I was okay with that.


If it wasn’t so hot and humid I would have really enjoyed running at the cottage. I love a good dirt road.


When I got back Evan and I headed into town to grocery shop, pick up some booze and go out for breakfast. We sat outside on the cute little patio and watched the fisherman do their thing on the river beside us.


I was in the mood for a benny.



It was Evan’s dream to go to yard sale, so after breakfast we went on a hunt. It was a good call, we found one with an awesome park bench for $10. And even better, it fit in the backseat of my car. It is perfect at the cottage by the lake!



That thing’s going to get a lot of use.

We spent the rest of the morning and a good part of the early afternoon putting the dock in. It is a lot of work. It was actually worse than taking it out (we did that on Thanksgiving).


All the pieces are just really heavy and awkward. But eventually we got that sucker in.


I was a sweaty mess afterwards but luckily I could just jump in the lake. That’s handy. We’ll be using the dock all summer so putting it in was anecessary evil. I’m glad it’s over with. I blew up the party raft and spent the rest of afternoon leisuring around on that and occasionally rolling into the water when I got too hot, while Evan worked on his boat.


Our friends Sherrie and Will happened to be at Sherrie’s parents for the weekend, not far from us, so they popped by on Saturday in the late afternoon. We hung out on the dock/raft for a bit and then Sherrie and I took the canoe out for a relaxing paddle.




And the boys took the little tin boat out.



There is quite a large hole in the boat that appeared over the winter, so I don’t know what’s going to happen with that. They spent most of their boat ride bailing the water out. It really looked like they might sink, but all was well.

We had a feast…


We watched the sunset…


We drank beer and played boccie ball and had a bonfire by the water. The moon was CRAZY. It was so bright.


The weather was perfect for the cottage and it was such a great first weekend up there. I can’t wait to go back!


Til next time!


Brunch, Kitties and Choir!Choir!Choir! with Rufus Wainwright

Friday felt like the longest day of my life. I was DYING to get home to see the kitty, so the day really dragged. Evan was doing a reno in our condo building so he was in and out all day checking on Tilly and was sending me updates — he sent the video in my last post and I nearly left work right then when I received it. I just wanted to be home snuggling with the Tilster.


What a creature. She kills me.

In the evening Evan and I ran some errands together and hit up our favourite Vietnamese restaurant for our (nearly) weekly pho date. We spent the rest of the evening watching Game of Thrones and cuddling with Tilly cat.


All cuddles, all the time (when she’s not being a little psycho, which is also often).

On Saturday morning I had a brunch date downtown with my buds Liz and Casey. I almost wrote blog buds but they are more than just blog buds now, they’re bud buds! Making friends is the best thing about blogging.


Initially we wanted a bit of a broozy brunch so we planned to go to Whippoorwill on Bloor West. Apparently it’s an old timey hip spot known for burgers, brunch and clever cocktails. I found it in a BlogTO best boozy brunch in the city article and it sounded like a dream. But apparently as of recently they stopped serving brunch, so when we arrived they weren’t open. Boo. Oh well, there were tons of restaurants in the area so we walked up Lansdowne to Hello Darling, a super cute hipster-type place. It didn’t serve alcohol so there was no booze in the brunch, basically just a late breakfast, but I can live with coffee. Especially when it comes in a mug like this.


Serious mug goals.

Casey and I both ordered the pancake sandwich. Hello Darling has a small menu that changes frequently, but I think this is a staple. It was pretty awesome.



It was reeeeeeal good. No regrets.

After brunch Evan and I took Tilly over to his aunt’s house where his nana is staying for a week. Some other family dropped by, including Brotherman and Kelly and our little nephew Landon, and I was so excited for them all to meet Tilly, especially Evan’s nana. She is definitely a cat enthusiast. Tilly did really well, it was a bit chaotic with all the people there and she handled it like a champ. She was really good in the car, too. We’re trying to get her used to going in the car now while she’s young so that she doesn’t freak out and meow like she is dying when we need to take her to the vet in the future.

Evan’s nana made curry for lunch. I was pretty excited for that.


It was a good day of eating.

That evening I headed to the east end with my friend Rachel to an event with Choir! Choir! Choir! at the Luminato Festival. We have had tickets for about a month now and I have been especially looking forward to it because we were singing Hallelujah, backup for Rufus Wainwright!


The event took place at the Hearn, which is a former power generating station in the city. They are refurbishing it into an actual venue and it was maybe one of the coolest places I’ve eve been in.




Ok, I won’t

The inside was even cooler, I was legimately speechless when we walked inside. I love that they are refurbishing this place.



It’s still very industrial but they had all these fun art installations around.



The event was sold out and there were hundreds of people there.


We were lucky and got up pretty close!


We were split into three sections, low, mid and high (typical for Choir!Choir!Choir!) so we practiced for an hour with the dads, Daveed and Nobu, and then Rufus came out to sing the lead!


He is an interesting chap that Rufus Wainwright.


It was an amazing experience and Rachel and I left on a total high. I’m still on a high. The arrangement is so beautiful and there really is something about that many people coming together to sing. I can’t describe the feeling. They made a video of the whole thing so once that’s ready I will post it!

Afterwards we met Evan and his friend Jeff for a drink downtown. But speaking of Choir!Choir!Choir!, last night Rachel and I went to the usual Wednesday edition at Clinton’s and we sang A Little Respect by Erasure, as a tribute to what happened in Orlando.


It was also an amazing experience, and I am also still on a high from it. I feel very lucky to be able to be a part of something like this, and grateful to have a safe, inclusive space to just go and sing with a bunch of strangers. It’s heartwarming and honestly it’s quite the stress reliever.

After practicing the parts and singing in the bar, we took it to the street to spread the love.


As for Orlando, I don’t know what to say that hasn’t been said. It’s heartbreaking and devastating. And I wish this surprised me but some of the comments and conversations on Facebook that I’ve seen are just mind blowingly offensive and ignorant, I had to take a break for my own sanity. Not to make this about me, but sometimes I can’t understand how my opinion can be so incredibly different from someone else’s. I can’t go on about it or I’m going to start rambling about gun control and this is not the space for that, so for now I will just say:

We can make love, not war
And live at peace with our hearts

Love is love is love.

Click here for a Periscope of our singing last night (actual singing starts at 2:20, you can catch me right up front with the glasses! it’s blurry though).

And an official video of Tuesday night’s choir group, same song but I unfortunately had to miss it (they always do the videos on Tuesdays, I usually go Wednesday – I may have to switch that up).

Spread the love.


Little Tilly Kitty

Guess what!


On Thursday night we adopted a kitty!!! Meet little Tilly!


She is seriously the best and I’m so happy we found her. I’ve mentioned this a few times but we have been on the hunt for a cat since March and had a difficult time finding a kitty that was a good fit for us. I initially wanted to give a home to a spry older cat, so first there was the 7-year-old cat Mya I mentioned, who we were adopting through a rescue. Unfortunately, due to some health problems, that fell through. They are minor health problems but I’m not sure when she will be ready to be adopted, and when she is ready there are a few other things about her that sadly made her a little high maintenance for us. It was disappointing because we really liked her when we met her, but I guess it wasn’t meant to be. Once we found out Mya wasn’t going to happen we started going to our local animal shelter a few times a week, and even PetSmart several times (they have an adoption program with the local shelters and rescues), but we weren’t having any luck.

I wish I could take in every stray kitty in the world, but realistically we can only have one right now and I’m being a little picky ’cause I know cats are forever. Winnie lived for 22 years so that is a big commitment! I will be loving them longtime. There was one three year old kitty that we liked but when we inquired about her we found out she was already spoken for. Womp womp.

On Wednesday I was checking the website of our local shelter and I noticed that a couple litters of kittens had popped up for adoption. I was apprehensive about a kitten because you don’t really know what kind of cat they’re going to turn out to be, so it’s hard to get a sense of personality… But they looked so cute and I am pretty confident in my cat raising skills. I raced there after work, headed straight into the cat area, and immediately fell in love with this little girl.


There were four other kittens from a different litter, but she was brought in as a solo stray. All the kitties seemed nice but when I picked her up she immediately nuzzled herself into my neck and started purring, so I knew she was the cat for us. I want snuggly so that was a good sign!


Unfortunately I got there at about 6:05pm and they don’t do adoptions after 6. I also wanted Evan to meet her and he was still working across the city. He told me he trusted my cat judgment, but still, it’s a big commitment from both of us, he needed to be in on it.

The shelter workers said I could come back and fill out an application for her the next day, but Evan and I both had to work and I knew by the time we got there in the later afternoon she would be adopted. She would go fast. Initially they were not going to let me put a hold on her, but I was talking to one of the ladies about how much I love cats as this little kitty was sleeping on my chest, and I just slipped in that my last kitty lived to be 22 (aka I’m a good cat mom — I conveniently did not mention the time I accidentally locked my best friend’s cat in a suitcase…) and the lady was all “welllll let me see what I can do…” and it worked. In the end, they let me fill out an application and they would hold her for us until we could go back the next day to pick her up. I feel so lucky they let me do this because when we got there after work on Thursday all the other cats had been adopted and someone had put another hold on her, so if we changed our mind they could get her. But she’s ours!!!



We brought her home and just fell in love. It’s so nice to hear the pitter patter of little kitty feet in the condo again. It’s been a looong time since I’ve had a kitten (22 years?) and I forgot how hilariously entertaining they are. She is 10 weeks old (I guess almost 11 now) and right now she’s this amazing combination of frisky and cuddly. We have already spent hours just watching her antics.

And man, cats are so easy. We just showed her the litter box and she did her business, covered it, and was good to go. Zero accidents, she’s been using it religiously. The poor muffin threw up on Saturday morning and she ran to her litter box to do it there, like she didn’t want to make a mess. She is a considerate little minx.

She’s super hyper right before bed, and she’ll “attack” any movement from under the covers, but once she settles down she’s been sleeping with us the entire night. Last night she let me spoon her, just like Winnie! I love that she tolerates us loving on her.

So, get ready for a bunch of kitten pics ’cause I’m a bit obsessed right now.






And her little meow is just the cutest. Here’s a sample:

I just want to go home and snuggle with this creature! #kittensofinstagram #catvideo

A video posted by Lindsey Evanoff (@happyorhungry) on

I just can’t get enough of her!


Melon’s Pirate Houseboat Bachelorette

This past weekend we celebrated our beautiful friend Melon and her upcoming nuptials at her bachelorette party! Dawn, Melon’s sister and my good friend, wanted to plan something a little different than just going to the bar (if you have been reading for a while you probably know that it would be rare for any of my friends to only do a bar for a bachelorette), so we rented a houseboat. It was a dream weekend.


What a sweet ride! I love that it was basically just a floating trailer.

You know we like the theme parties also, so I should mention…


(from my Snapchat – happyorhungry)

Totally pirate themed. I was excited, I got that hat from the dollar store a few months ago and I had been saving it for this occasion.

The houseboat we rented was in Gananoque, about 20 minutes east of Kingston — if you don’t know Ontario geography, that be far. It took me about 4.5 hours to drive up from Toronto after work on Friday (which is actually pretty good for a Friday), and I arrived just in time for the sunset.


It was beaut. Renting a houseboat has been on my radar for a while now. A few years ago a guy I used to work with got one with a bunch of his friends for a bachelor party and they took it around Vancouver Island for a few days. It sounded like the best time ever and it made me want to do it one day. He also told me that the marina at night was full of boats and it got so crazy with various boat parties it was like Vegas. I told the girls that but we were the only ones at the marina on Friday night so it was definitely nowhere near Vegas. No worries though, we know how to make our own fun.


Our boat was super cute, pretty much a trailer inside as well, and it slept 10 people! I think it would be really fun to rent it with a few couples or families. I also cannot be on a boat without thinking of Lonely Island’s “I’m On A Boat!” (or Stepbrothers Boats n’ Hos), you know there were many of those references.

I was the last to arrive on Friday so once I got there we had a late dinner of pork and chicken souvlaki grilled on the boat’s barbecue, as well as pitas and salad. Brennie (Dawn and Melon’s mom) also made baklava and it was maybe one of the best things I’ve ever tasted.


I need to hit Brennie up for that recipe so I can make it (or, let’s be serious, Evan will make it).


Melon and her baklava

We hung out and talked for a while and played some Dirty Minds, which by the way is SUPER sexist.



A woman shakes hands sitting down? WTF is that? And what is this housewives nonsense? Ugh, dislike.

Anyway, it ended up being a fairly early night so we could prepare for the shenanigans ahead.

On Saturday morning I was the first up for a while so I read my book outside with a coffee ( I brought one of those bottles of Starbucks iced coffee — thanks for introducing that to me Paula!). It was really peaceful and nice. I saw a turtle…


And a bunch of large fish either fighting or mating by the shore. It was entertaining.

Once the girls got up Dawn convinced us all to do a 21 Day Fix workout with her. I was not planning on working out on the boat, I was planning on eating and drinking and laying around…but I’m glad we did it.

IMG_7488 IMG_7497

My legs were sore for a good two days, that workout was no joke.

Once that was over with we set sail!


So, fun fact, to rent a houseboat a boater’s license is not required. I was surprised about this, that it’s all good if no one has ever driven a 33 foot boat before. Or any boat! No boating experience required! But we could go only max 8km an hour so how much damage could we do? We had insurance just in case. I am proud to report that the only casualty of the weekend was my old iPhone that I use for music. It was plugged into the sound system (you can see it in the pic above) and it fell from its perch, landed above the steering wheel and immediately bounced out the door and into the water. It wasn’t an ideal situation but no biggie — I have all the music backed up and that phone was super old.

Anyway, the biggest thing with the boat was the steering as it was a super delayed reaction when you turned the wheel so it was really easy to overcompensate and suddenly be going in zigzags.

Our plan was to drive the boat to Kingston, about two ours at our pace, and pick up Emily, Joanna, Leanne and Julie who had driven up that morning.

It was the most gorgeous day and it was the perfect weather for boat riding. We stopped once and anchored around Mermaid Island to eat breakfast (pancakes and bacon, yessss), but the rest of the time we sailed the high seas!









Mona got me a megaphone for my birthday last year and it came in reeeeeeal handy for yelling at passing boats.


It even had a siren on it.

Eventually we made it to Kingston without incident.


However, docking at the Kingston marina was quite a stressful situation. I already mentioned the steering issue, none of us really knew what we were doing, and then a big yacht was parked in the boat slip that we were told to dock in (with all the other fancy yachts, and then there was our trailer).

Luckily a few men saw us coming in and thought that we might need some help (I was driving and wearing the pirate hat so I’m sure I looked like I knew what I was doing and I can’t imagine why they would assume otherwise), and they actually ran over from the opposite side of the marina to help us dock. It was the second time that day that men literally chased us down to help us (the first time we were trying to find Mermaid Island to anchor at and a father son duo in a fishing boat chased us down to point it out to us). It was really nice of the marina guys to help us and we insisted on giving them a gift for their thoughtfulness and generosity: cards with scantily clad ladies from the 1970s on them. I’m sure it was appreciated. We certainly appreciated their reaction to the cards. I’d show you a picture but my NSFW stuff is designated for snapchat. Here’s the marina instead.


Once we docked we hung out and waited for the rest of our friends to come aboard. Once they found us we got into all our pirate gear…


Emily even brought Pirate Jem along with her…


I’m aware I spelled Jem wrong on my snap. I used to have that same Jem when I was about three or four, I remember her earrings lit up! She was the best.

We set sail again and cruised out to an island about a half hour boat ride away and anchored there for the rest of the afternoon.




We hung out on the roof and did the gift/game thing — the usual bachelorette shenanigans, you know.



Melon had quite the treasure map of activities to complete that evening, all leading to POUTINE! (we did get poutine at the end of the night, mine had bacon in it and I could not get over how delicious it was).

Afterwards we just hung out on the roof in the sunshine. I really, really wanted to swim. It was hot and the water looked amazing and I just needed to be in it. Someone mentioned they didn’t bring a bathing suit and I couldn’t believe it. I have one in my car in the WINTER because you never know when a dream swimming situation might pop up and I don’t want to miss out! Anyway, I went in and I ended up being the only one, but in everyone’s defense the water was extremely cold (colder than the Bruce Peninsula I think) and the boat people forgot to put the ladder on the boat to get out. Getting back on the boat was quite the adventure and I still have bruises on my knees. It was worth it to be submerged in that refreshing water though.


In the late afternoon we sailed back to Kingston to get ready for dinner. From the marina we walked over to the Pilot House.


A pub with a nautical theme, so it seemed appropriate.



I ordered the chicken fingers and I remember them being really good!

This man said it was his dream to lay across our table and who are we to deny him of that.

One of Melon’s treasure map missions was to get Brennie (her mom, I’ll remind you) airlifted, so later on we got him and his friend to help with that. An easy one to complete!

I like how the man on the right is wearing one of our pirate bandanas.

After that it was bar time and the usual shenanigans went down. My friends are crazy and I love it. Super fun night with these ladies.


The details might be a bit fuzzy for me…but I’ll never forget my bacon poutine. The next morning we drove the boat back to our marina in Gananoque — it was raining and the water was crazy wavy and I totally got seasick, but this weekend was the best time and I would not mind repeating it! Melon, I hope you had your dream bachelorette!