The Porpoise Proposal

Thank you so much for all your comments about Evan making an honest woman out of me. They made me so happy. I read them to Evan last night and we both feel very lucky to have so many people love our love. And don’t feel weird or creepy if you haven’t met us. I read blogs, I know what it’s like to feel like you’re friends with someone you’ve never met or be excited about something awesome happening to basically a stranger. I loved Paula and Fabian’s love before I met Paula and Fabian (and I love it even more after meeting them!). You’re not alone!

I was originally going to save the proposal story for last, but I can’t do that to you. How evil would that be? Who wants to read about what types of beans we ate with our rice when I have a juicy engagement story! I’d rather write about this anyway. The beans can wait. Love comes first. Also, I LOVE proposal stories. They are my absolute favourite. The first question I ask anyone if they have gotten engaged is “How did he propose?!” I’m sure many of you feel the same. It’s a moment you’ll remember forever, so it’s important.

So on Thursday, our second last day of vacation, Evan and I decided we were going to have a late dinner that night and swim in the ocean as the sun was setting. It was Evan’s idea but I didn’t suspect anything was going to happen because we’re both huge fans of swimming, in the ocean, or a dirty lake, or in any type of water anywhere, and who doesn’t love a beautiful sunset, so it was a totally natural suggestion.

We did the snorkeling and cave excursion in the morning and just when we were finishing snorkeling, Evan found the most perfect empty but intact clam shell spread on the sand on the bottom of the ocean. He dove down and got it and was so excited about this clam shell. He was going on about how perfect it was and at the time I did not understand what was so great about the clam shell. I mean, it was a nice shell and I was happy for him that he found a clam shell that he really liked, but we’ve found other shells and I had never seen him get so excited over one…

Anyway, we came back from our excursion, had lunch, hung out by the pool for a bit, and then set up shop on the beach. We read our books, drank Cuba Libres (rum and cola with lime) and got in and out of the ocean as we waited for the sun to set.


Evan was not acting weird at all, that I noticed, but he did pretend to run to the bathroom and instead went back to our room to get the ring from the safe (I didn’t know this at the time). As the sun got lower in the sky we got into the ocean and frolicked around for a bit. I brought the waterproof camera because I wanted to take pictures of us doing doing water yoga in front of the sunset (ha!!!!). I took this photo…


and then I went underwater after and when I came back up Evan was on one knee (although I couldn’t really tell and I thought he was just kneeling on the bottom), he said to me “Sweetie, you know that I want to have adventures like this with you forever…” and out came that clam shell he found, and then it opened, and there was the ring (tied to a leather shoelace wrapped around the clam and then tethered to himself because he is cautious and bringing a meaningful ring in the ocean is definitely out of character for him). It took me a minute to process what was happening and I think I said “Is this what’s happening right now?!” and I think he nodded and then I don’t know, we were hugging and there were tears but you couldn’t tell because we were already wet. And he said other romantic things and asked me to marry him and he put that amazing ring on my finger and it fit so perfectly and I know it sounds ridiculous but I felt like I had always been wearing it. I took it off for a minute afterwards so I could really look at it and my finger felt weirdly bare without it. And I have really fat fingers! Since we were kids my best friend’s sister has always called them Simpsons fingers because they are stubby like the Simpsons’ fingers. I couldn’t believe the ring actually fit.

I am not a big jewellery person. I don’t wear a lot of it and I’m not diamond savvy, and I absolutely did not want some huge flashy ring weighing down my finger. I do not believe the size/style/expense of your engagement ring indicates how good your relationship is or how much your fiance loves you. It’s a symbol and that’s all. But honestly, my ring.


I could not possibly love it any more. It is more perfect than I ever could have imagined. I love how pretty and unique it is! About a year ago I saw a picture of a pear-shaped diamond ring and I mentioned to Evan that I liked the look of it, and he remembered it and went from there. His whole design is incredible. I love the crossed band. I can’t stop looking at it, even now.

People keep asking me if I suspected anything or if I knew a proposal was coming, and well, yeah, a little. I wasn’t blindsided, we had talked pretty extensively about our future and what that looked like for us and I knew marriage was in our plans. So I knew, but I didn’t know. I didn’t know when it was going to happen. Apparently he’s had the ring since February that sneaky minx, and I had NO IDEA. He even arranged a sly meetup with my dad to ask him for his blessing, and again I had no idea. Looking back there were a few things that were suspicious, but only on our trip. Evan brought a carry-on in addition to his suitcase, which he NEVER does (he had the ring in an envelope and wrote on it “RING, be discreet” so airport security wouldn’t harass him), and when we got to the hotel our room wasn’t ready yet so we changed into our bathing suits to go to the beach and put our suitcases in a locked room, and Evan continued to lug around his carry-on with him. I was all “Why don’t you leave that?” and he was like “Oh I don’t mind carrying it…” because he didn’t want to leave the ring behind! I thought for a second, but I didn’t want to dwell on it because I just wanted to enjoy our trip without any expectations of anything.

And the clam shell!


No wonder he liked it so much. It still had the little hinge intact so it would open like a ring box. Evan had brought another shell with him to propose with but it wasn’t nearly as good. He said when he saw this shell so perfectly open on the sand he knew it was fate and that he was meant to propose that day. That made me tear up.

I am glad he waited to propose like this, it was the perfect moment. I love that it happened in the water! Evan’s nickname is Porpoise or Porpy because he’s such a graceful swimmer — all his friends and family call him Porpy, and I grew up on a lake swimming every day. Swimming has been an important part of both of our lives. So that was amazing. Afterwards we watched the most beautiful sunset as we admired how my ring glittered in the golden sunlight and talked about when we knew we would get married (we both said we knew by our second date).



And we had a little photo shoot (but we were not doing yoga).


You know, I met Evan a few months before I turned 30. When we get married I will probably be 34. I know a lot of people are lucky to meet the loves of their lives early on, and maybe it’s even their first love. But I think a lot of people are like me. I needed to muddle through dating people who were totally wrong for me and made me feel insecure and not like myself, and would have made pretty crap life partners when I think about it (not something I was thinking about when I was younger and living in the moment). I learned a lot of lessons before I found Evan (or he found me, as he likes to say). I would like to think that if I met Evan 1o years ago that I would have appreciated him for everything that he is, but I honestly don’t feel like I would have had the emotional capacity to be able to. I think I needed those lessons, like a necessary evil. I needed to be with someone who was wrong for me so I would know and appreciate when I met someone who was so incredibly right for me. It took those relationships for me to understand what I want and need in a partner, and to respect myself enough to hold out for those standards. 10 years ago I don’t think I could have imagined someone loving me the way Evan loves me, or someone treating me the way that Evan treats me. And I don’t think I could have pictured loving someone as much as I love Evan.

So I am glad I met Evan when I did, and I am glad everything that has happened since happened the way it did. I still have my entire life ahead of me and I am so incredibly happy and thankful that I get to spend it adventuring with my lover the Porpoise (who is the best ever, as you may know).



And finally people can stop asking us when it’s going to happen. Jesus.


Varadero Highlights

Hola amigos! We are back from hot and sunny Varadero Cuba!



P1000020 (1)

I think we had our best trip yet and I have so much to tell you! We squeezed a ton of adventures into our week. First, a few highlights!

We stayed at the Starfish Cuatro Palmas and it was my favourite Cuban resort we’ve stayed at so far. What made it so awesome was that it was on the most beautiful beach…


Which was perfect for leisuring. And it was also right in downtown Varadero in the middle of all the action. The resort we stayed at last year was in the middle of nowhere so I loved that this was so perfect for adventuring. The Beatles Bar was just down the street and had a live rock band playing classic rock covers every night…


That man was a classic and we hit that place up a few times. My dad would really like it there. And then there was Calle 62, a bar with live Cuban music and a show, right across the street.


Early in the evening it was a good place to get a drink, and later on it got absolutely packed. Varadero is super safe for wandering around, it’s full of Canadians, haha. And some locals too, which I enjoy.

And the resort food was good! Actually good, not just good for Cuba. Good like, I looked forward to dinner every night, I never got sick of the selection, and I definitely gained a few pounds.


Grilled salmon to order! I have never seen this in Cuba.

We had some quality beach time…



And some great pool time, too.


We rode around in old cars…



We went on a snorkeling excursion…


And swam in a beautiful fresh water cave…



We had an amazing day in Havana with our tour guide and new friend Blexie in a sweet cherry red ’57 Chevy!





We made new friends…



We drank lots of Cuban cerveza…


And a lot o’ rum.


Evan once again won a ring toss game on the beach and scored a bottle of rum (well, last year it was a ball toss, but very similar).


He wins booze a lot. He’s really handy to have around.

The sunsets on our beach were unreal so we watched many of those.

And we watched this poor chump as he took hundreds of (not good enough) photos of his lady doing yoga poses in front of the sunset…


I am talking never ending photos. Bless him and his patience. It was more entertaining to watch her check out the photos, deem they weren’t good enough and then order him to take more than it was to watch the sunset. Also, I’d bet money she’s a blogger.

I ran, twice! Two more times than I ever have on vacation. I went at 7am both times so the sun wasn’t too crazy yet (I was still more sweaty than I’ve ever been). The first time I ran down the streets of Varadero, which was interesting because everyone was out heading to school and work and sweeping their sidewalks with palm branches.

photo 1

Unfortunately I brought my spare running shoes which gave me a mega blister, so no more running in those. The next time I ran in my bare feet on the beach shoreline while I listened to Jack Johnson singing about the ocean.

photo 5

Which was just as lovely as it sounds. I genuinely enjoyed it.

photo 2

And there were pelicans!

photo 2 (1)

I had my old iPhone 4 with me because I use it as an iPod for music and that baby still takes a decent photo.

photo 4
What else happened… I think that’s everythi– OH WAIT.

We got engaged!!!!!!!!!!

Yeahhhhhhh!!! We are getting hitched!! That photo was just after it happened. You know that Evan is good at things, and his proposal was no exception. More details on this later but omigod my ring!




I don’t think I even have words for how happy and excited I am. He’s gonna win us free booze FOR LIFE!

More deets later, hope you had a great week!


The Falconry (and other birds of prey) Experience

As I mentioned in my last post, for Valentine’s Day this year I got Evan a Falconry (and other birds of prey) Experience for two through Groupon with the Ontario Falconry Centre. Very romantic Valentine’s gift, I’m aware, but we’re not usually super traditional on Big V Day, and who doesn’t like birds? Well, lots of people I guess… Evan does love birds though. He does not love snakes, so I would never get him an exotic snake experience…but birds I thought he would enjoy.

So last week we cashed that in. Now you would assume that because it is with the Ontario Falconry Centre this would be quite an official experience. It has an official sound to it, like the Ontario Science Centre, or the Royal Ontario Museum. I was expecting to go to some sort of bird sanctuary, so when the directions we had took us to the back of a church parking lot in Bowmanville I was a bit surprised. I was further surprised to discover that the Ontario Falconry Centre is a one-man operation and the “centre” would be his house, though the experience is not run out of his house — he rents the field at the church for it, so the “centre” in this instance was a trailer attached to the back of his truck. The owner Sam, is a guy who just loves birds and started raising them from a young age, and now owns the Ontario Falconry Centre.

As soon as we pulled up Sam gave us a thumbs up and we could see fresh stitches sticking out of his thumb…obviously we were all “OMG he was totally attacked by a bird” but no, he had been framing a house earlier that day and put a nail through his thumb. He also had a bit of blood (I’m assuming) splattered on his shirt, and he said he had just fed the birds so I am not sure if the blood was from that or if it was possibly from his thumb accident. And there may have been a piece of skin clinging to the big leather glove Sam handed to Evan… Evan just brushed it off and we sort of looked at each other and laughed and were like “welp, we’re here, we’re doing this.”

So we did. I wanted to give you an accurate picture and I hope I didn’t scare you off because that all being said, I liked Sam immediately. He’s a character for sure, but I think you have to be to run that sort of operation. He was hilarious but extremely knowledgeable, his birds were clearly loved and well taken care of, and though it was not quite what I was picturing, the actual experience was better than I imagined. He does a lot of work with the Discovery Channel, and he sometimes gets actual work for his birds. He told us that one time he got this contract to clear a dump of rodents, so he brought his falcons there and they just went hunting for rats. I thought that was really interesting. It makes me happy that they still get to hunt!

Here’s a great video on the whole thing:

Alright, let’s get to the birds. We started with three falcons that Sam brought. I am not super falcon savvy and I can’t remember all the facts he was telling us about them, so if you want to read more about falcons just go here.

This female falcon came out first, and she seemed to like us a little bit.


Sam told us that if he took you on as his apprentice you would start with this bird.


I think Evan might be tempted to get into falconry, but I am not sure what the point is of having pets that you can’t snuggle with.



The male falcon was next. He was smaller than the female (and more of a pussy, apparently) but he did have beautiful eyes.


And he did not mind us petting him.


Don’t quote me on this but I think those were all gyrfalcons. Sam was explaining the difference, but I was kind of excited to be holding the birds so I am bad at remembering the details.

This is a Peregrine falcon. He was super wired and a bit of a coconut so he needed to keep his hood on.


I guess with their hoods they are quite calm and won’t fly.

Once the falcons were out of the way, we were onto the birds of prey. Next was the great horned owl. Sam described her as a vicious killing machine and his best hunter. He said she once took down a coyote! There was no touching the great horned owl.


But she was beautiful and this was the first bird I held where I could really feel her talons clenching my glove.


I thought she looked quite fluffy and snuggly…but it was a trick. Sam was talking about how this owl imprinted on him because he had her when she was just a baby, and my thoughts immediately went to stupid Twilight. Pretty sure it is not the same context. She just thought Sam was her mama.

Here’s a video of Evan with the great horned owl:

Next was my favourite, the snowy owl! We could touch her!


She was actually a little snuggly and let us pet her. She liked it.


She totally looked like Hedwig from Harry Potter.


The way those owls swivel their heads all the way around is so unnatural and weird looking. Interesting though, no doubt. She was a muffin. Here’s a video of Evan with the snowy owl:

And lastly we have the mother of all birds. The bald eagle. She had been sitting quietly on her perch with her hood on until then, and she came out with a vengeance.

She is HUGE. Sam said she weighs 10 pounds.


Her talon was quite close to Evan’s bare skin so you can see he is definitely wary of that happening in the above photo.

It took her a moment to get settled so she just flapped her wings around Evan’s head for a minute while that was happening, which was entertaining.


I think there is only one word to describe her, and that is majestic.


She is amazing.



She was so heavy that I had trouble holding her up so I had to brace my right arm under my left, and eventually Sam had to step in and help me out.


Majestic, I tell you.


Sam told us that once she is about nine or so he probably won’t be able to handle her at all anymore, she will be too vicious.

Overall it took about an hour and it was truly an amazing experience. Evan has been raving about it for days. We might do the second workshop where you actually get to fly the birds. I highly recommend it. You can book it without a Groupon but they pop up pretty often so keep an eye out!


Friday Wrap Up (New Cats, Falcons, Wine, etc.)

Tomorrow at this time Evan and I will be arriving in Cuba!!!


I AM PUMPED!!! So ready for a vacation. It’s been a while. Cuba has a certain something that keeps bringing us back — this will be our third time there. Last year we went to Cayo Coco and the year before we went to Holguin, and this time we are going to Varadero. Our resort is on the beach but also right downtown Varadero, so I am looking forward to touring around and checking out the restaurants and markets (and a real Cuban grocery store). I will be eating street food this time, there won’t be a tour guide to stop me. Varadero is also close to Havana, so I am excited to finally see that city! We learned our lesson after our bus tour to Moron last year and this time we’ve hired a private tour guide with a driver to take us into Havana for a day. Should be a good time. I have been counting down this trip since February and I can’t believe it’s happening tomorrow!

Lately we have been itching to adopt another cat… I still really miss Winnie and I know that no cat can replace her but I think it’s time to love on a new kitty. The condo just feels so empty without a cat running around getting into things and demanding attention. Rescue is the way we want to go, although whenever I go to a shelter I have a hard time not bringing all the kitties home with me…


We did briefly look a few weeks ago but it was slim pickins at the shelter at that time. I know it’s probably a stressful environment, but one cat was sleeping in his litter box and that is just not practicing good hygiene. I don’t mean to be judgey but I definitely want a snuggler and when I see a cat sleeping in its own shit, well, I won’t be in a hurry to spoon that cat.

Anyway, Evan and I were thinking we would wait until we got home from Cuba to start seriously looking for a kitty. But… I follow a rescue on Facebook through friends’ involvement with it and a couple weeks ago this sweet little face popped up in my news feed…


And, well…what a little muffin! I immediately liked her look, and not just because she sort of looks like Winnie…her little feet in the bottom left photo sold me on her. When I saw her I couldn’t pass her by, so I got some more info, filled out an application, and on Saturday Evan and I went to her foster home to meet her. We loved her! Mya is seven years old and though I would like to get a kitten with Evan one day, for now I’d love to give an older cat a forever home. And I know from personal experience that Mya could have a good 15 years ahead of her. She is about Winnie’s size, super nice and snuggly, and she plays fetch! She really liked us too and let me pick her up and love on her. So, once we are back from Cuba, Ian moves out the following weekend, and then that little minx will be moving in with us. I hope she likes to spoon! CAUSE I SURE DO.

For Valentine’s Day this year I got Evan a Falconry Experience for two through Groupon (so really it was a present for us both). I had never heard of this before but you get to handle falcons and other birds of prey for an hour. Kind of a random gift but Evan enjoys interesting creatures and I knew he would appreciate it. Earlier this week we cashed that puppy in and it was pretty amazing. I’m going to do a full post on it because it was QUITE the experience (I’m really going to try to write it up tonight before we leave so it can post while I’m gone next week), but in the meantime here’s a highlight.


‘MURICA!!! That eagle totally wanted to eat us. We are safe though. It was better than I even imagined and we both loved it.

This arrived in the mail last week:


Nugan Estate Third Generation Chardonnay. Blogging brings many wonderful opportunities and I am offered a lot through my blog. Usually I say no because I don’t think it’s a good fit — for example I was recently offered a weed vaporizer and gift guide, just in time for 4/20! Obviously not a good fit (and definitely the weirdest thing I have been offered and I am not sure how that happened — maybe the ‘hungry’ in my blog name suggests I have the munchies? Weird). Anyway, boozy things in the mail might be my favourite blog perk. You know it’s going to be a good day when wine appears on your doorstep. We brought that bottle over to Sherrie’s before Mark’s birthday on Saturday, and though red wine is usually my choice, that chardonnay was delicious. We all really enjoyed it. It is a little bit citrusy and would be the PERFECT summer wine. J’adore. I will be picking up more of it for cottage barbecues.

On Wednesday I went out for dinner with my blog buds to the Kanpai Snack Bar, a Taiwanese restaurant in Cabbagetown.


I will definitely be using this for HoH Eats the World: Taiwan, but I wanted to talk a bit about it because it was delicious dinner for a cause! We went for A Taste For Life, a restaurant-based fundraiser where a portion of your meal money is donated to AIDS services in your community. In our case, proceeds went to the Fife House, a Toronto organization that helps people and families living with HIV/AIDS. I like eating any time, but I like eating the best when it is to support a good cause.

Finally, and this isn’t meant to be an afterthought, but I am so sad about Prince. I wasn’t mega superfan or anything, but I was really hoping to see him live someday. And he was still so young. 2016 is a terrible year for legends. Someone needs to put Paul McCartney and Iggy Pop in a padded bunker or something. Better throw Elton John in there too.

RIP you amazingly unique talented man.


Mark’s Hat Trick Birthday

Just a quick note to bear with me — my blogging is going to be a little sporadic over the next couple of weeks. I’m away next week and I’m sure you know the week before vacation is crazy busy. So this week has been a bit nuts and my blog seems to be suffering. I’ll still be posting if I can, but next week I’m taking a blog vacay, and then I’ll be back in May to write a million posts about my trip. Maybe for the entire month, who knows. Gird your loins.

Anyway, this weekend was GORGEOUS! And this week has been beautiful, too! I’m so happy spring is finally here.

On Saturday night we celebrated our friend Mark’s 30th birthday. Oh, to just be turning 30 now. I’m envious. This old broad has been there for a few years now. Dawn and Mark just moved into a new love shack (no more tiki hut, but the house itself and the fact that it’s across the street from the lake we grew up on makes up for that) so the party took place there. Mark was aware that Dawn was planning a small party for him, however he did not know that she invited pretty much everyone he’s ever known and that it was going to be hockey themed (Mark LOVES [!!!] hockey!). That was a surprise. There were jersey’s everywhere and it was awesome.



Evan and I found our jersey’s at Value Village earlier in the week and they were both a fantastic find. Mine is a legit Phaneuf Leafs jersey (not that Phaneuf is on the team anymore, but who is?), and Evan’s says Sunnyvale across the front (for Sunnyvale Trailer Park) and BUBBLES on the back (as in Trailer Park Boys).

giphy (4)

I don’t think we could have hoped for a better find. Value Village really delivers sometimes.

The birthday boy looked amazing, as he always does.


Some people took the theme very seriously and gave themselves black eyes for the occasion (like Dawn’s mom), or removed a temporary tooth (like Dawn’s mom’s man)…


Evan and I carpooled over with Sherrie and Will, as we had been hanging with them earlier in the afternoon and had dinner and a charades party with them at Sherrie’s. That was a hilariously good time even before the party. I’m excited for our next date with those two.


There were a ton of people in attendance, and once again, it was a legit house party at Mark and Dawn’s. I also love that a bunch of parents were in attendance (and by that I mean like, our parents, not my friends who are now parents — I mean the real grown ups who know what they’re doing). I was excited that even Emily and Corey were out for their first night minus baby. It was a really, really, fun time. Here’s a few more crappy pictures from my phone (my Snapchat was more entertaining, I think).



Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 7.57.25 PM


The rest of Saturday was spent running some errands, visiting with my Dad and Mona, meeting a cat we want to adopt when we get back from Cuba (more on this later!), and then over to Sherrie’s before the party. I also went for a really great run outside in the morning. I felt so light and breezy (and then my run outside on Monday sucked and I hated every step, it’s never consistently awesome).

After the party Evan and I stayed over at Sherrie’s (Evan was DD, don’t drink and drive) and then we roadtripped to Belleville to surprise his Nana for her birthday. She turned 90 on Monday, and Evan’s mom was taking her out for lunch on Sunday to celebrate so we decided to just show up at the restaurant.


We got to the restaurant before her and were hiding our faces behind menus when she walked in. Watching the realization dawn on her face was the best. She was SO surprised. And 90!!! That’s a big deal. She looks fantastic. As my own Nana would say…wonderful! Beautiful! ….Fantastic! I want those two to hang out someday.

We went to a Greek restaurant (yassssss) and it was everything I wanted after my drinks on Saturday night.


All around a really busy and good weekend.


Spring Running

Yesterday I ran outside for the first time since…I’m not sure, at least the fall. Since January I have only been running on the treadmill, and running outside again actually felt a bit harder. I was feeling the lack of momentum (and the hills and the wind), but the weather is finally warming up and the sun felt SO NICE beating down on me.



Not the most beautiful scenery but it sure beats the treadmill. I felt like a new woman. It was harder (especially the first 20 minutes), but it was so much more enjoyable. And I like that I can better track my distance and pace with my Runkeeper app — I don’t feel like the treadmill is totally accurate for that.

I am still doing my 10k runner app (unofficially known as Couch to 10k) three times a week. I am even surprised that I’m keeping up with it, and I know it’s probably still only because of that 10k I signed up for in June. I finished week 9 day 2 yesterday and last week I officially finished the 5k portion of the program, so I am now onto the 10k. My final run last week had me running for a full 35 minutes (about 5k), and my two runs so far this week have been run for 20 minutes, walk for two, run for 20 more minutes (sandwiched with five minute warmup and cool down walks), slowly building my endurance up to 10k.

I still find running more boring than anything, so I was reading my own blog post on how to not hate running to remind myself why I enjoy it.



I came across a Reddit thread earlier this week titled “does running ever get enjoyable after you build up endurance?” and I eagerly clicked on it hoping most of the responses would be a resounding “YES!!! Once you get good at running it feels so easy and AMAZING!” but alas, no. The general consensus is that running sucks forever and you do it because it’s good for you. I guess some people get a runner’s high, but I certainly do not get that during a run. Or at least I haven’t yet. Generally when I am running I prefer to not be running, even though I can tell that I am building up endurance. But I do feel really great afterwards so I think that’s keeping me going. Okay, and it is motivating to see results, with my stamina, and also in my bod.


Not that running is going to make me babelicious, but several people have commented lately that I have lost weight (hurrah!). It’s definitely the eating too (I am still tracking my calories and macros in MyFitnessPal), but the running is part of it. I’m hoping to keep it up with the running in Cuba too (we leave on the 23rd for a week), so hopefully I can stick to that. I’m hoping that I might actually enjoy running on the beach.

Speaking of eating, I have a new overnight oats recipe I have been eating nearly every workday for past few weeks that I’ve been meaning to talk about.


It’s not the most photogenic but it does taste delicious. I can’t take credit for it, I got the idea from my friend Amy (thank you Amy!). I honestly look forward to it every morning. I have tweaked her recipe slightly, here is what I do:

  • 1/3 cup oatmeal (I use quick oats)
  • half a scoop of protein powder (I use vanilla)
  • half TBSP of chia seeds (or one DSSP which I think is a dessert spoon)
  • 1 TBSP of natural peanut butter
  • Cinnamon to taste

Mix that up until it’s crumbly, then add:

  • 1/3 cup plain Greek yogurt (or I’ve actually been using Skyr lately, which is creamier and has a bit higher protein content)
  • 1/3 cup milk

I mix it together and then top with coconut ribbon and frozen fruit (or instead of frozen fruit I’ll add a sliced banana in the morning). I leave it in the fridge overnight and in the morning when I get to work I eat it cold. I LOVE IT and it solves the lack of protein in my oatmeal without using egg whites (which was okay but I wasn’t loving). Amy uses keffir instead of Greek yogurt, which I haven’t tried yet but I may branch out, and she also adds a half TBSP of ground flax seed. I know overnight oatmeal doesn’t sound the most appetizing sometimes, but it’s super good and filling. J’adore.

Alright, I’m out. Have a great weekend. I know I will, it’s supposed to be sunny and nice!!!