The Muskoka Wedding

On Saturday Evan and I headed to Muskoka to celebrate the wedding of one of my very best childhood friends Melissa and her new husband Will.



I tried to post this yesterday but I just have SO MUCH to say that I couldn’t get it done in time. So bear with me!

I absolutely love weddings and I was very excited for this one, especially since Melissa and Will’s insanely fun Jack and Jill (/Stag and Doe). I feel like the hilarity of that night was foreshadowing for the best wedding ever.

Evan and I arrived at the venue in the early afternoon. The wedding was happening at the Trillium Resort just outside of Huntsville and as soon as we pulled up I knew this was it. This was the place for my friend.


There are several things you need to know about Melissa. She is very laid back and low-key. She loves being outside, whether she is camping, hiking, swimming (the water in general), snowmobiling, whatever. She is a small town gal who would prefer to be in the country, and she generally just enjoys being in the bush (and who doesn’t, I feel that). I don’t think she could have chosen a better location for her wedding. Annnnd I am also pretty sure she had my dream wedding, if I ever have a wedding.

We had some time to get ready before the festivities started so Evan and I checked into our room for the evening. I was delighted to find that we were staying in a cabin! And it was snowing.


It was cozy and cuuuute.


I also loved our little little welcome basket from Muskoka Brewery (thanks Meliss!). What a nice touch.


I was grateful for that beer because the wine we brought with us was 16 years old and tasted like Ketchup, so it was nice to have a back-up while I was getting ready (hair curling is ideally done with a drink).


The hair was looking good for maybe an hour, and then it totally went all weird because of the snow. Oh well.

The room the wedding took place in was just…




I thought maybe I would be able to get through Melissa walking down the aisle without tearing up, but nope, sure couldn’t. It sounds ridiculous but I started thinking about the double Barbie weddings we used to have with our respective Jason Priestley Kens (brothers [twins], of course) and I couldn’t hold myself together.

And also, she was stunning.


The most gorgeous bride. And when her and Will were standing at the altar with the snow falling outside the windows behind them and the lake in the background it was just unreal.


All the synonyms for beautiful right there.

The ceremony was how the best ceremonies are, short and sweet. Married!



Between the ceremony and the reception there was cocktail hour with drinks and appy’s in a room off the main ceremony/reception room. Like the rest of the lodge, it was beautifully rustic with a huge stone fireplace. Evan and I mingled around in there hanging with Melissa’s family, who I love like my own. I got to catch up with a lot of people I hadn’t seen in a while, so that was a good time.


Well, this guy I see all the time.

Evan and I were standing around talking with Melissa’s older sister Jenn and her husband when I started to really notice how badly my feet were hurting despite my comfortable shoe choice (booties with a little heel). I looked down and realized my shoes were on the wrong feet. Whoops. Not embarrassing at all. Evan asked me if it was going to make the blog, so here it is making the blog.

Dinner was delicious (I got the chicken and Evan went for the pork tenderloin, both great), and the group at our table was hilarious. I love making new friends.



That room though. You know how Melissa found this place? She just Googled “exposed beam wedding Ontario” and it came up. The exposed beams definitely made that room.

And I loved the centrepieces!


Such a creative idea.

The speeches were heartfelt and touching and funny, and Melissa’s youngest sister Katie even sang More Than Words, which was beautiful and actually really impressive.

Again, I thought that I would be able to get through their first dance without crying, but nope. Sure couldn’t. I heard the opening bars to Bryan Adams Everything I Do and I knew I was done. I was basically crying immediately.

When Meliss started serenading her new husband, I pretty much lost my mind.


Gah, I love love so much.

Speaking of serenading, later in the evening Melissa and Will were dancing to To Be With You by Mr. Big and the bridesmaids and I gathered around them, held hands, and basically screamed the entire song at them. I hope it is a moment that they will cherish forever as being really special (and not annoying at all). Ah, I am so happy for them!


And let’s talk again about how absolutely stunning the bride is.

Sometime in the evening I had my proudest moment on the dance floor ever. Everyone was in a circle and one person would go into the middle, like a dance off, you know, which I usually try to avoid. Well, someone handed me a pair of bright pink glasses that I put on and could not see out of, and suddenly I felt like a superhero. Like a totally different person. I made up a ridiculous routine on the fly which included The Elaine


and ended with me sliding on my knees in the middle of everyone doing the dance floor air guitar. It was a shining moment for me. I remember thinking that I had never been more on fire. Unfortunately, Evan was getting a drink at the bar and missed the entire thing. It was especially sad because I had him in mind the whole time I was doing my “routine”. I knew he would have appreciated it the most and probably would have been on the floor laughing. For the next hour people kept coming up to me commenting on my hilarious dance floor moves and Evan was all “What exactly happened on that dance floor?!” He will never know. It will probably never happen again.

Moving on…

Melissa (and I) grew up with campfire singalongs with guitars. It was really big where we lived and in our families, so she wanted to incorporate that into her wedding somehow. Near the end of the night they dragged a giant candle into the middle of the dance floor, we all gathered in a circle around it, and four guests with guitars started playing Heart Of Gold by Neil Young.


You guys know I love Neil Young, so I was beside myself. Such a good idea and it was the most perfect moment. It gave me chills and I have chills thinking about it now! Here’s a quick clip of us singing along.

I added the entire video to my Facebook so you should be able to watch it here (super dark but the sound is most important). I’ll never forget it (and honestly, I’m probably going to steal that idea if I ever have a wedding).

By the end of the night it was snowing quite heavily.


And we woke up to about 20cm of snow. It was a winter wonderland!



Evan is so wonderful. He gets up and immediately goes outside to scrape the car.

What a beautiful spot for us to be for the first snowfall! I didn’t hate it.


The lodge where the main wedding took place

I forgot to mention that outside the lodge there was a fire pit that guests could hang around.


Evan and I had breakfast in the lodge with everyone, and then we headed down to the lake for some pictures of the beauty.


Let’s back up to the day before…


That is quite a difference in a day! I could not get over how beautiful it was.







^ Canadian beach vacation.

It was the perfect ending to the most perfect wedding. Congratulations Will and Melissa!!!


Gifts for Your Man (or your dad, or your lady, or whomever)

I don’t usually get on the whole blogger gift guide bandwagon. In fact this is the first gift guide I have ever done and may be the only one I ever do. I want to do it because I think I have found some pretty awesome (and I think unique) gifts for Evan over the last couple of years and he has actually really loved them (or at least pretended to). I find guys to be a bit difficult to buy for so I have been hunting around for ideas and I really appreciate inspiration. Hopefully someone will find this useful!

So here we go.


This guide isn’t specifically for men, but the items happen to be things I have gotten, or would get, for my man.

The Personalized Oak Barrel

This is hands down the best gift I have ever bought for Evan. I got him a personalized oak barrel for Christmas two years ago and it is still going strong.


Evan said it was the coolest gift he has ever received. It is made out of genuine oak, and you cure it yourself. You can age any alcohol in there. The barrel is 1L, and since the liquid has more contact with the wood than larger barrels, it ages the alcohol something ridiculous like 10 times faster (you can get larger barrels if you want. So if you left your alcohol in this barrel for one year, it would be like 11 years in a full size barrel. Any alcohol that comes out of that thing tastes like your grandma’s cellar (in the best way!).

I ordered this online from Thousand Oaks Barrel Co. and with the personalization, shipping, and whisky kit it was about $100. That was two years ago so prices may have gone up now, but either way I can tell you it is a quality product. I’ve seen it on other websites (Uncommon Goods) but it was more expensive and they didn’t ship to Canada. Highly recommend. A heads up though, the shipping for me took a few weeks so I’d order it soon if you want it for Christmas.

Luckies of London Scratch Map

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 7.34.31 PM

If you know someone who likes to travel, this would be a great gift for them. I ordered this from Amazon last year and put it in Evan’s stocking (Canadians, you can get this from Amazon Canada here, currently for $12). Basically you just scratch off the countries you’ve been to! There are also info graphics along the bottom of the map have facts and information about the land and oceans. It’s pretty cool, a step up from the ol’ pin map I would say. Evan liked, though he tried to donate it to me for my Eats the World mission.

Beer Cap Maps

Along the same lines as the scratch map, if you know someone who collects beer caps this would be an ideal gift:


You can order it in various countries, as well as provinces and states. I have not gotten this for Evan, mainly because he does not collect beer caps, but if he did I’d be all over it.

Spock Robe

If you have a Trekkie in your life, they need a Star Trek robe in their life (Canadians, you can order from here).


They also have gold for Kirk and red for I don’t even know who because I am not a Trekkie. I also saw a Batman one. I ordered the Spock robe from Amazon for Evan for our first Valentine’s Day together and he still wears it all the time.

Whiskey Stones

Another one for Evan’s stocking last year. I ordered from Amazon (Canadians, this link will work for you).

whisky stones

If you want to chill your drink without diluting the flavour, look no further! Pretty self-explanatory, but Evan is happy with his.

And my personal favourite that I unfortunately cannot get for Evan because they don’t ship to Canada (we always get shafted)…

The Working Man’s Hygiene Kit

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 8.13.48 PM

Available on Uncommon Goods and at $70, it’s a little pricy, but it has great reviews. I so wish I could get it for Evan, but as I mentioned Uncommon Goods hates Canada. His hands are ridiculous in the winter, sometimes they’re so dry and cracked they bleed. I got him O’keeffe’s Working Hands Cream last year and it was okay, but I think I could find something better, so I would like to try this. I unfortunately can’t vouch for this product but I tell you if I could order it I absolutely would and I do think it would be a great gift.

Otherwise, I really like handmade gifts and experiences. We try to do a little getaway around Christmastime and that is always a great memory. My brother Eric’s girlfriend Kenya got him a four-day kayaking trip with dolphins on Vancouver Island last year for their anniversary. Like they followed a pod of dolphins in kayaks and camped each night. It sounded like the best present ever.


And if you are looking for homemade ideas… for Valentine’s Day a couple years ago I made Evan a cookbook with recipes based on all the restaurants we had enjoyed together.




I tell you, that went over REALLY well. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to top that present. Definitely helps to have a kind-of food blog for that kind of gift though 😉

I have a couple tricks up my sleeve for Evan this Christmas, but I am still hunting around so if you have any great gifts you’ve given or received in the past please share! The more ideas the merrier.

Oh and if you are looking for an actual gift for your dad, I recommend a weather station.


I got my dad a similar one to that a couple Christmases ago and he loves it. He is obsessed with the weather and the humidity level and what is happening outside  so I thought it would be the perfect gift for him.

There are a couple affiliate links in this post (which means if you end up buying anything on Amazon from what I’ve linked I get a small kickback), and I have an elderly cat that appreciates being kept well-fed in Fancy Feast so I appreciate your support! 


Happy or Hungry Eats the World: Tandoori Flame (India)

If you missed it, I am on a mission to eat authentic food from every country in the world, right here in Toronto! You can find all past recaps here.

Today is all about India!


So here we go.


And done.

Just kidding.

Indian food has become one of my favourite types. Really. I love it. I had no idea how much I loved it until Evan entered the picture and he started making me his lentils and curries, which he learned from his Nana who grew up in British India. Typically a holiday dinner at her house (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter) will feature ALL THE CURRY and I love it so much.


That would be Christmas dinner last year with all the typical turkey and sides, as well as lentils, shrimp curry, meatball curry, and coconut rice.

Bear with me here because I am still not super savvy with the Indian food, but I do know that there is a wide variety and it varies by regions, depending on the soil type, climate, ethnic group, etc. Each cuisine uses locally available spices, herbs, vegetables and fruits and so they can differ significantly. Evan’s Nana’s curry may be very different from curry from a different part of India. It’s actually really interesting to read about so if you want more information I’d check out the Indian Cuisine Wikipedia page.

So that’s what I knew about India. I knew I wanted to eat as much as I could, so for eating the world: India edition, we went to a buffet. Not just any ol’ buffet though, Tandoori Flame in Brampton (there is also a Mississauga location).

TF_wideshot(not my photo)

It is the most extensive buffet I’ve seen aside from the Mandarin. If it’s Indian, it’s there. While I don’t think the Mandarin is the most representative of Chinese food, I do think that Tandoori Flame is a pretty accurate representation of Indian food. I’ve been to a bunch of Indian restaurants in Toronto (we have a ton, and I’ve been to another all-you-can-eat buffet, Chef India) and it’s on par or better with everything I’ve tried. Evan has taken me to Tandoori Flame once before so I knew what to expect (waddling out afterwards and being full for days).



Here is my first plate.


And now I am kicking myself for going so crazy because it’s difficult to remember everything on that plate.

  • Tandoori chicken on the bottom left,  which apparently originated in the Punjab before the independence of India and Pakistan.
  • Lasuni murg, a garlic flavoured and spiced chicken
  • Curried goat (the dark meat to the right). It was my first time trying that and I didn’t mind it at all. It wasn’t my favourite, but I’d eat it again.
  • Chicken curry, which I LOVE and get from that Pizza and Curry place near us pretty often. I think it’s my favourite.
  • Butter chicken
  • Karahi paneer, a vegetable dish cooked in a pan similar to a wok called a karahi. There are also meat dishes of this with lamb, chicken or beef.
  • Chicken pakora, crispy fried dumplings. Another food that Evan introduced me to that I absolutely love. So good.
  • The very top to the left is spicy mixed pickle, which we currently have a jar of in our fridge. I have learned that it adds a nice flavour to the curry.
  • In the background are papadums, which are thin, crispy tortilla-like usually made from black gram flour or lentil, chickpea, rice, tapioca or potato flour. Evan usually gets ones made with lentil flour.
  • I have plain rice buried under everything.

I actually think I covered everything, but it’s possible I still could be missing something…

Plate number 2.


  • That pancake-type thing is called idli. It’s a south Indian specialty, a steamed rice cake that is served with various sauces. The only thing I tried that I didn’t like.
  • Samosa! The triangle pastry. Indian samosas are usually vegetarian, spiced potatoes, onions, peas, lentils, etc. but can also contain minced meat.
  • The bottom pastry thing is some kind of puffed potato with two kinds of chutneys – it was just okay.
  • To the right we have the chaat, which is just a term that describes savory snacks, typically served at food carts in India, Pakistan, Nepal, and Bangladesh. Chaats are based on fried dough with various other ingredients like potato pieces, crisp fried bread, gram, chickpeas and tangy-salty spieces, dried ginger and tamarind sauce, fresh coriander leaves, yogurt for garnish. At Tandoori Flame there was a chaat station where you could make your own, so an Indian lady showed me how to make it just like they do in India. I don’t know if it’s correct, but it was different and it was pretty good.
  • And that little puffball is pani poori (or panipuri), a popular Indian street food.


Round, hollow, crispy puri are filled with a mixture of flavoured water (pani), tamarind chutney, chili, potato, onion, chickpeas and chaat masala. Tandoori Flame is the only restaurant I’ve been to in the city where I’ve seen it. I liked!

Of course, we ate everything with naan, a very popular flatbread in India.


I freakin’ love naan.

I washed that all down with Kingfisher, the Indian beer.


And then we have dessert.


Those two balls on the bottom are called Gulab Jamun, very popular in Indian, and also in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh, as well as some Caribbean countries. It is basically a dough made from milk solids, shaped into small balls and deep fried, and served in a sugar syrup. They’re not for everyone, for sure, but I really do love them.

The other little ball I think is just a rice ball, it had no label and I wasn’t familiar with it so I’m not positive. It was okay, not my fave.

The orange squash-type mess is carrot halwa, a popular Indian dessert made from carrots, along with sweetener (condensed milk or sugar). Again, just okay.

And finally…


I have always wanted to try this. Jalebi! A sweet that’s popular in South Asia, Middle East, and parts of Africa. It looks like pure sugar but is made by deep-frying a wheat flour batter in circular shapes, and then soaked in sugar syrup. Very popular for Ramadan apparently. It had kind of a chewy texture and a crystallized coating. Again, not really my cup of tea, but better than I was expecting.

And that’s delicious India.


Snow White and the Poison Bisquick

Not too much going on this weekend so it was pretty low key. I am, like everyone I’m sure, devastated by what happened in Paris (and Beirut, Lebanon, let’s not forget) and I spent most of the weekend avoiding the social media comments on any news article about it because the ignorance found there enrages me. This also makes me ragey, and I am ashamed and embarrassed of my city. This is not the inclusive and accepting Canada that I know. Please educate yourselves before directing your anger at the wrong people. We are all on this big rock floating through space together. Let’s have some empathy. (I don’t mean to come across as preachy but that attack on a Muslim woman in Toronto was the first thing I read when I woke up this morning and I was very upset)

Anyway. On Friday night Evan and I ate the world (India!) but more on that later. When we got home we basically just read in bed and I think we were asleep by 11. Party animals.

On Saturday I had plans to go to my friend Renee’s baby shower, so I was super excited to see everyone and eat all the shower food (because you know showers are good for that), but unfortunately my plans were thwarted. Evan tried to poison us. When we woke up Evan decided he was going to make us banana pancakes using a Bisquick mix, which I was very excited about. I felt like I was in a Jack Johnson song. The pancakes were pretty good and all was going well…but midway through breakfast Evan abruptly got up from the table and ran to the bathroom. I assumed he just had to pee really badly or something so I just slapped a third pancake on my plate and continued eating. And then I abruptly got up from the table and ran to the other bathroom.

That was abnormal activity, so we checked out the expiry date of the Bisquick mix and it had expired almost exactly one year ago. Great. I was not feeling wonderful after that and things were a little precarious so I decided it would not be the best idea to spend an hour driving in the car while my stomach was unsettled. It ended up being the right decision. Lesson learned, don’t eat expired Bisquick. We were both fine a few hours later but it was not fun in the meantime. I forgave Evan though. His heart was in the right place.

I used the extra time to watch the Entourage movie. I watched the entire series back when it was on so I’ve been wanting to see it. It would have been great if it was an episode, but as a movie I thought it fell flat. I’ve missed those characters though, so I enjoyed it.

On Sunday we were headed to my Dad and Mona’s in Oshawa as we were all celebrating Mona’s birthday. It was a ridiculously gorgeous day though, so Evan and I stopped at the Lynde Shores Conservation Area in Whitby to take advantage of the fall sunshine.




I have never been before but it’s a very popular trail, especially for bird watching. There are a TON of birds.


We also saw a deer!

I noticed that everyone we passed had seed or nuts or something in their hands and were feeding the birds. They would hold their arms outstretched and the birds would land on them and literally eat right out of the palms of their hands. I had no idea this was a thing so we didn’t have any bird feed with us. I wanted to try this though, so Evan found me some popcorn.


I heard that if you stand still long enough, the birds will come, so that’s what I did. And the birds came!




It worked! I felt like Snow White! Their little talons were sharp on my hand so it was quite surprising.

It was a pretty great impromptu walk. I’m glad we went.


And then it was to my dad’s for (his famous) spaghetti dinner and birthday cake!


Good times.


A Career Update

I started a new job this week! I have been meaning to talk about career stuff for pretty much the entire summer but I kept putting it off, so now it has become quite the update. First, some back story.

Around this time last year I was becoming very unhappy in my job. A lot of factors were contributing to this, but rather than going into them all I’ll say the biggest one was that I was no longer doing what I wanted to be doing. My communications/marketing role (so website, social media, PR, graphic design, internal comm, etc.) had turned into running this beast of a program and event management. Still communications as I was the only one in the communications/marketing department, but a lot of the time was VERY heavy on event planning and program management and all the admin work that goes along with that (I am really not an administrator, my strengths are more on the creative side of things).

I can’t blame the company because it was small and they needed someone in that role, but it was becoming very high stress and when I was thinking about my ultimate career goals, my current role was not really in line with them and I felt like I had somehow gotten off my track. It’s funny, because what started me thinking this was an exercise my CEO had us do around Christmas last year, where we had to list 20 loves (which I posted about), our 3-year career plan, and complete a detailed personality profile (DISC profile). My 20 loves were real, and my DISC profile nailed me, but I felt like I was faking my career plan. I had no idea. But after looking at my list of loves, and the strengths and weaknesses in my profile, nothing I was doing integrated with them in any way.

The experience I gained in that role was invaluable. I made lifelong friends and amazing contacts, and I learned a lot about myself. But it was time to move on. To what though, I didn’t know.

I officially put in my 30 days notice in March, but I ended up staying until June until they could find a replacement for me. So around mid June I was done.

I did not move from that job to another full time job. A couple of years ago I would not have been able to do that, but this ended up being the ideal time of my life to figure my stuff out. Evan was extremely supportive of my decision surrounding this. I believe his exact words were “If you’re not happy in your job you should leave. So we won’t save as much money as we wanted to this year, it’s more important that you’re happy.”He is the best ever (as you know), but I would have said the same to him if he were in my situation. We don’t have a lot of expenses right now and we don’t have kids or anything, so it seemed like if I was going to make a change, now was the time to do it. I decided to try consulting and freelancing for a bit to see how that went. I told myself that I would try it for the summer, see how it was going, and then reevaluate.

I was incredibly lucky to score a major client almost immediately. They hired me to do communications/social media consulting for at least 20 hours a week (usually more), and I was so thankful that happened because it gave me time to try to do my own thing on the side while having a steady gig and money. Their office isn’t too far from our condo, so even though I was an independent contractor they invited me in and treated me like I was a part of their team.



It was a very fun place to work, and I had a really good time being a part of their team. Some of the people there are the best I have worked with in my life. Being a consultant was great, and I did have more free time this summer, which was also awesome.

But I was starting to get antsy. My career has always been important to me and I just want to love what I’m doing. I also missed the steady hours and paycheque of having a regular 9-5 gig. My schedule was kind of all over the place and it was getting to me. I like routine. One day I would like to somehow take my income online and do consulting and writing and make enough money to support myself solely through that (so I can move to the middle of nowhere and live on a lake), but now is probably not that time.

I started thinking about when I was at my best career-wise, and I think it was when I was working for OFSAA, a non-profit organization that runs sports championships for high school students in Ontario. I worked there for nearly 5 years and I loved it every day. What I loved about it the most was feeling like my role was important and what I was doing was actually making a difference in someone’s life. And also working with the many volunteers who were so passionate about the mission of the organization. The non-profit sector is just so different from the private, and the more I thought about it the more I wanted to steer my career back in that direction.

An opportunity happened to come up with Girl Guides of Canada, an organization that I am pretty familiar with as I was once a Brownie…


And a Girl Guide…


And long story short, but I am now a Communications Coordinator with them!

I just started on Monday and the first week in a new job is always the worst, you don’t know what you’re doing and you don’t know anyone, but so far so good! Their office is also in my old neighbourhood, which means I am back in my old stomping grounds and can take lunchtime walks in my favourite cemetery (that I once got trapped in).



And I’m sure you’re wondering (because I was), so yes, sometimes there are free cookies. That is obviously a plus.


I thought about trying to get that added into my employment contract but it wasn’t even necessary. In my interview they asked me my biggest weakness and I said “Girl Guide cookies,” (which is true, the vanilla ones though, not the mint ones) and they seemed to really enjoy that answer.

So I am feeling pretty excited and like I am back on track.

Also, I just want to say, if you are unhappy in your job, leave. Life is too short to not enjoy what you’re doing. For me the stress was seeping into other aspects of my life and really starting to affect me. And if you feel stuck because of financial reasons, at least make a plan to get out. It was very scary to leave my job with nothing concrete lined up. It was a risk for sure. I’m not rich, I need to work. But it was the best decision I could have made and I have zero regrets.

So now you’re all caught up!


Happy or Hungry Eats the World: Pupuseria Delicias (El Salvador)

If you missed it, I am on a mission to eat authentic food from every country in the world, right here in Toronto! You can find all past recaps here.

Today I am talking about El Salvador, the 17th country I’ve eaten!


You can barely see it on my map, but El Salvador is a small country in central America. Here’s a better map if you are unfamiliar with the area.


Bordered by Guatemala and Honduras. Evan and I happened to be at the Downsview Market on Saturday looking for last minute costume items for our big murder mystery party, and you can’t go to the Downsview Market without checking out the international food court. You may remember this is where I ate Colombia (Las Calenas). This time the El Salvador stall caught my eye.


Pupuseria Delicias!

Eating at the Downsview Market is not really like a regular restaurant. I think it is more like being in someone’s grandmother’s house.


^ This was the Ecuador “food booth

In every booth there is a lady with a stove (and a fridge and a sink) cooking up traditional dishes from her country. The only way I can see it being more authentic is if you were having dinner with her family in their home. I have tried food from various places at the market (Mexico, Philippines, Colombia, Jamaica) and everything I have eaten has been very good, fresh, and authentic (as far as I can tell). If you are in the area I highly recommend dropping by. I’ll probably be back to eat the Dominican Republic.

Anyway, El Salvador. The food stall was called Pupuseria Delicias for a reason, it specialized in pupusas.


Pupusas are a a traditional Salvadoran dish with thick, handmade corn tortilla (made from cornmeal dough) and filled with either cheese, pork, or refried beans. I went for the pupusa revuelta, which included all three, cheese, pork, AND refried beans. Pupusas are typically served with curtido, lightly fermented cabbage slaw with red chilies and vinegar. Check and check!

My pupusa was delicious. I have never had it before and I loved it. The corn tortilla was thick and soft and definitely had a strong corn tortilla taste (which I liked), and the filling was almost like a nice extra. It’s similar to a Mexican gordita, but with less filling. I really enjoyed it and definitely will be eating it again!

I also got a tamale de pollo (chicken).


Tamales originated in Mesoamerica as early as 8000 to 5000 BC and are popular in Mexico, pretty much all central and south American countries, and many islands in the Caribbean. Tamales are made of masa (a starchy corn-based dough), steamed or boiled in a leaf wrapper. Tamales can be filled with meats, cheese, fruits, vegetables, chilies, or basically whatever.

In Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Panama, tamales are wrapped in plantain leaves, as my one above is.

I’m not sure how I have gone through life without trying an authentic tamale, but I am happy to have finally gotten on that train. It was amazing!


Will be eating again. Hopefully soon.

So that’s El Salvador. Quick and easy and SO GOOD!